Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Moving to India!!

Okay!  I have a new favorite show!  Yes, I am a huge Jessica Simpson fan, so
why not just LOVE her new show....

The Price of Beauty on VH1.  She goes around with her besties...Ken Paves, {I want to hang with my hairdresser all of the time, then he/she could do my hair in a side-frenchbraid, love those!} and the adorable, almost-as-pretty-sometimes-prettier Cacee Cobb, her best gal pal!  They travel the world and learn about all of the beauty secrets in different countries.  Ummmm...I wanna come!!

This week's episode, they were in India.
I swear I am moving to India, or at least it is on my list of places to go.....when these kids
are grown up and outta my house!

{And, speaking of kids/babies...I think the prettiest babies are from India,
love their black, thick hair, and pretty skintone! Mmmm...kisses.....}

I love the henna tattoos!

{I'm thinking...I'm gonna have a girl party,
 and get an artist to come put them on us...anyone down????}

I love the Bollywood fashion!

Oh, did you happen to see the jewelry????
So MUCH, and so beauti-beaut-beaut!!

I love the glamour, the glitz, the color........

The show is pretty just gives a deeper side to Jessica  and her pals.
It shows us she isn't just a pretty face.
It kind of makes me YEARN.  Yearn for Nick and Jessica to be
ONE, once again.

Okay, small secret, I own all of the Newlyweds Seasons on DVD !!!

I love her, especially who she was back then.

Okay, enough about Jessica.

Let's talk about me...really, So Stinkin' Cute.

I want to revamp my blog.
It's a bit stale, I do this with clothes, home decor, nail color, why not my blog??
Anyone know good blog people for cheap?
I mean, this is just for you/me/ I don't want to break the bank.
I just want to REALLY show who I am through my blog.
Whatevs...just thinking and typing at the same time.



lhoffman said...

Hey! If you want a henna artist to do a little party, I know of someone... she did Jennifer's henna @ 8 months pregnant on her tummy- she was great and does parties all the time. Think she usually does by the hour... let me know!

Suzanne said...

I need the name! I'm gonna have a party!


You may have to wait until you Momma inlaw comes to MN... This girl wants to have fun...

Amy said...

Sounds fun Suzanne! I love the Henna art, too!