Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Deal of a Peel

The results of my peel are in.
First, I want to say, I am no expert on beauty.
I just have some products to toot-toot about!

I LOVE the results.
I don't have the type of camera to take pictures of my face that would
show you the results, I know a couple of you have asked.
{You, little sweethearts, so flattering to me.}

But, I have gotten some compliments!
My skin has a smoother texture, more of a glow, and
I don't wear make-up during the week, with the kiddos and
I don't look too bad, if I do say so myself.

When I have applied make-up, I look younger and my
skin's color is more uniform...less spots here and there.

Hard to describe, but do your research and you decide if you want to get one.
This is the product that was used....

Now, keep in mind, I was given a DEAL. 
When you go to a derm's office, they may charge upwards of $200....I didn't pay that!

Now, what I would spend Branmuffin's hard-earned money on,

 is this....

Mary Kay's Microdermabrasion Kit!
Much cheaper, not as invasive, and still, great results.

I keep mine in the shower and do a scrub  2 x a week,
and I love how soft my skin feels.

Most of all,
I think I feel my best,
 when my kids grab my face with their little hands
and give me slobbery kisses!


lhoffman said...

I'm so bummed I TOTALLY forgot to mention how great you looked when I saw you today... it popped into my mind a few times and then we'd get sidetracked by a different subject or the kiddos before I mentioned it (and shame on me- especially after you were so sweet to shower me with compliments after I did my little fashion show with my party dress... ) You do, in all sincerity, look fab!

Did I mention how great it was to see you today? Hope it works out for a repeat on Thurs... and Saturday in between!


I love all the pictures you use in your blog... But the writting is the best.... Love you my #1 daughter-inlaw.... Oh wait a minute you are my only one.... You would still be #1 with my #1 born son...

Amy said...

I was going to suggest the Microdermabrasion from Mary Kay as an equivalent, but MORE reasonable alternative. The same quality aluminum oxide crystals are used in our Microderm as the dermatologists. I am a consultant if you ever need one! I used to daydream about putting different eye looks on you and Kim G during MOPS last year. You 2 have the perfect shaped eyes :)