Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tulips & Two Lips!

According to my poll, you guys love Tulips!
I love Tulips too!
Here is some eye candy for you, Spring is only 16 days away!

So, kiss your guy on his Two Lips, show him this blog, and maybe you'll get some

Just a reminder.  Tomorrow is Silverado Thursday #2, appropriately renamed,
"Bead-A-Full Thursday".  I have some great discounts on the jewelry, along
with another day to enter to win the current giveaway.

So, checkback tomorrow.

Also, do you realize tomorrow night is the first episode of
Housewives of New York?  Love it, cannot wait, there will be drama, there will be cat-fights,
there will be fashion.....


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Eye candy, indeed! Thanks, I needed that!

lhoffman said...

So I taped RHofNY and am watching it- 15 minutes into it and as usual, Ramona is CRAZY! Don't know if I can even stand to watch, much less the rest of the season! Some peoples' lives!!!

Kim said...

Those tulips are gorg... my wedding was in May - just so i could have tulips all over.