Friday, March 19, 2010

Not Haps with Jesse

Jesse James

You have dissapointed us.

You have hurt Sandra the VERY most,
and you have made my heart sad.


Couldn't you be happy with a "good" woman who has
her head on straight?  A woman who accepted you and your past
and made you a part of her "future".

She waited till she was 40 to marry.
She gives you credit for her success.

Tiger Woods, I can get over....he snowed us all.

But, You Jesse.

You are a bad boy who won the heart of the
"Girl Next Door".

I know there are two sides to every story.
I don't live in their home or know their marriage.

But, this, saddens me.
It also, make me MAD.

And, it's NOT acceptable.

Sandra...whatever you decide.  I support you.
I've got your back.



And out....


Misty said...

Seriously! That chick is such a skank!!! That's right, I used the word skank. I'm guessing that she is very similar to his ex-wife. I just read the statement that he released...I'm glad he's sorry! But sorry will NEVER heal how his wife feels right now. Let's forget for one moment that she's a celebrity. Let's take just a moment to remember that she is just a woman who made a forever commitment to a man only to have her trust in him completely destroyed by a moment of pleasure. That pain that he is feeling or about to feel is nothing in comparison to how she is probably hurting now and for some time to come.

That, my friend, his how I really feel!

Nancy said...

I agree with all of it...WTF...and to give it up Sweet Sandra for the Tatoo freak but than again he is a Tatoo freak...I bet she goes conservative next time!

Holmfamily said...

ditto to all of what misty said!

Beth said...

Suz, I just wanted to drop you a not to say thanks for being such an amazing woman and friend. Thank you for the call yesterday it was just what I needed :) We Mommy's definitely need to support each other! Have a great weekend! love you.