Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calling all Nice, Husband-Material MEN

Being single in Minnesota SUCKS!

I know, cuz I was single in Minnesota until I was 32 years old.
Then I went to Vegas and hit the jackpot....
{the whole story will be yours at a later date}.

What I think the problem is, at least in Minnesota, people marry really young.
It's usually someone from college, or even high school.
Everyone knows everyone here, and it can be
a bit cliquey. {SP?}

I'm kind of good at matching people up!
I mean, I have two brothers, they both married friends of mine.
But, now I've got nothing. 
No "nice men" to set up with my "nice women" friends who
just happen to be single.

So, last week I went out with a few of the Bunco gals.

Are we all So Stinkin' Cute or what?

That's when I decided....

I'm gonna put who is single out there...if any of you reading wants some info or their digits or email addresses.  Just let me know!  I will be their CUPID
I told you I was multi-faceted.

So here are two of them!

Ellen and Nicole....


I do believe in all the cliches though,
....it will happen when you least expect it
....everything happens for a reason
....when you know, you just know
....it will happen when you aren't looking

But, if you are in Minnesota..you gotta get "out there" and take a chance!

Toodles, My lovelies.....


Nancy said...

Ah Vegas...one of the best cupid stories ever...even all the drama!! XO

Lace said...

That's sweet! Those are some lovely looking ladies too! I have a few blog ppl who have either emailed me abt hooking me up with their brothers or actually told their male friends to look at my blog(which prob. sends them running and screaming!) but I think it's sweet that my peeps are looking out for me!

Lace said...

& Uhm, chop chop on that Vegas story! You can't leave a sister hangin' like that!

Beth said...

If it weren't for Suzanne, I wouldn't have met my hubby! St. Patrick's Day will never be the same :) I can vouch that she is quite the cupid!

Molly said...

How sweet of you! You're like Hitch. :)

Can't wait for your Vegas story! Yippie!