Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~Beauty is Itchy and Painful~

~Beautiful Skin~

Part of my "Girl's Weekend" was all of us bucking up and getting
a chemical peel done to our "mugs".

It was a fun experience.  And, I was warned.
I was told my face would look bad for 4 days and then it would feel like a baby's butt.
That, I would have flawless skin, no sun-damage and ALL flaws would be gone.!!!


My face looks bad.  Like, really bad{I sound like I am on "The Hills", huh?}.
Brandon told me I should "just stay home" on Monday.  And today, when I dropped Tatum
off at school, her teachers made a weird face and then chose not to look at me after that, like
they were embarrassed for me.
I will give you a glimpse, just an idea of what I look like.....


Seriously, I am peeling CHUNKS of skin off of my face.
And, this is normal in the process of a face peel.

I started out looking like this....

All sunburned looking and feeling.

But, it feels like this now....

I hope this works.  Please be with me during the process.


We had a blast.  Tons of "girl talk" in the car.  We covered every subject under the sun in 5 hours.
Any man would have gone crazy if he had to sit and listen to us.
We drank wine, and ate great Italian and Mediterranean food.
We got our toes did and for the first time in 4 months, my feet look like a million bucks!

The very best part.....
Laughing, Being a Woman with other Women...
Just understanding that you gotta have all sorts of girlfriends in life.
So, I am gonna encourage you, to hang with your girls.
It makes you a better Mom, a better Wife, and a better Woman!
Might wanna add, I have a pretty great husband to "be cool" with me going!

On to some changes around here...
I had a HATER, lurke on my blog and send me a NASTY comment.
But, he did it anonymously.
So, going forward, I am only allowing "Followers" to comment.
I don't need negativity from people who don't know me.
And if you know me, and/or you like this blog... become a follower and let me know how you feel.
I love feedback of all sorts, it will make me better, stronger, and this blog a better blog!!!
Take that, Mr. Nasty Comment.
So, I am gonna have to approve comments going forward, etc.
Don't worry, the blog won't change...still fun, glamour, to make you all feel a little more
beautiful EVERYDAY.
You guys are my lovelies....



mary timmers said...

Becoming beautiful can be a painful but character-building experience-- on many levels. The beauty in your blog (really, you), comes through every time, and punctuates my life with the same. Neva change, girl!!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Wow, that sounds really painful! Hope you're healed and glowing soon! BTW; what the HECK is that last sun bather?? I'm frightened!!

Jenette said...

Funny....I was just thinking a few days ago that it had been a LONG time since I had a chemical peel. I love them....blisters? scabs? It will all be worth it in the end! :)

lhoffman said...
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lhoffman said...

Good for you! Since you mentioned it, I want to give "anonymous" a piece of my mind. First of all, don't hide behind a wall. If you want to say something, have enough respect to identify yourself. When you do it anonymously, you lose validity, and are just someone rambling on and on. Also, what Suzanne does, with whom or how she chooses to spend her money, is up to her.

That being said, Suzanne, they obviously don't KNOW you. I do, and know you worked your BUTT off up until recently in the corporate world (I know this 'cause that's where I met you ;) ... and know you're home with your kids because you CHOOSE to be. They obviously don't know you and what a great mom and wife you are... you didn't actually READ the blog where you mention frugal buys and great deals (thanks, by the way- I love those!). I think "anonymous" secretly wishes her husband was considerate enough to allow her some personal time to herself so she can be a better wife and mom. I adore my kids... my husband works 18 hour days and I do get some time here and there... But I also realize that when I don't, I get cranky, and I'm not "me", or the wife and mom I want to be. It doesn't make me a bad person, or mean I don't love my family more than anything on this earth (they're my world!)- but being in ANY environment around the clock day in and day out can get taxing, regardless of what it is. Finally, I think you simply hit a nerve, and someone was "jeal". (Let's see- did I cover everything?)

Glad you had a great time- I hope to join you on a future outing!

P.S. Be sure to post a pic with the results of your peel (which you so didn't need to do!)

bethgrussing said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm sorry to hear you had someone leave a nasty comment :(
I can't wait to see and hear what you thought of the results! A good friend of mine did it and showed pics of the "immediate after". You are one tough lady because it looked PAINFUL!


I have missed your Blog Posts all week. This is where I come to catch Suzanne's personality since I can not see or talk to her everyday. I get to catch up on Branmuffin (my son) the kiddos and what is going on with them. She makes me smile and most days she brightens my day when I am missing my family in MN. Who ever was talking sh*@! about Suz has nothing better to do and they must be very unhappy with their own life.

Nick & Rebecca said...

Oh. Suz. I can only imagine your horror when you saw the results of that wretched peel. But wait for it-I bet after all that dermal layer comes off, you will be pleased.
Okay so I have a topic for your blog, hee hee. I am curious about your morning and evening beauty routines...I have some intense ones...ones for when Nick is home and when he is not home. One for the morning and one for night. And I don't know about you, but I go totally CRAZY when my kids watch me get ready for the day. Do you do that too? It's like sooo private to me to put my face on and I really struggle with peepers. I need to wake up before them. And yet, I can't seem to part with the half hour of rest...thoughts?

lola_lena66 said...

Sounds like a fun and adventurous weekeend!!! You and Alyssa looked marvelous last night. Bunco winnings last night went towards a new tube of lip gloss. : ) It pays to be one of the two losers. : )