Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Barney Blues

I will miss Lost.
Mostly, I will miss him....

Cuz, back in the day, when my job was to call on doctors,
they NEVER looked like this!

or this...

Did you like the ending?
I was a little Lost.
But, I think it was a finale
that most shows don't pull
off...instead of being disappointed
or let down, I was confused.
But, I teared up a few times,
it was good to see how it all came
If, I am ever stranded on an island..
I want to be stranded with Matthew Fox.

I loved Lost, and now, I am going to smother my brain in more reality t.v.

What I really want to smother is....

Barney and Tatum's preschool teachers.

I've had these moments before....I mean she is 2.5 years old, going on 12 years.
But, these teachers taught her the most annoying song and she sings it over,
and over for the almost 12 hours she is awake everyday.

It goes something like this....

Yes, all day long.
{Did you note the laptop I got her, cuz she may seem her Mom on her's....
I don't know for sure.  Future blogger maybe?}

The Barney song can "shove it", "suck it", whatever, 
it is stuck in my head, all day long, and I find myself singing it too!

Tune in...we will be hearing from my Fairy Godmother of Health and Wellness!



A Wedding Story said...

Oh yes girl, I will miss Jack...and Sawyer ;)

Not sure how I feel about the ending yet. I was a little disturbed by the way the whole sideways plot ended. Oh well.

Cute video...it's an annoying song BUT I thought she was going to be singing Miley Cyrus Party in the USA or something awful!!! :)

Have a good day!


Loved listening to Tatum singing to her Gi Gi first thing this morning.... I had to giggle and smile and think of her daddy singing songs from Mr. Rogers. Oh pay backs are coming your way.
I was not a LOST fan, sorry. No time to get hooked on a show when I may not be able to watch it weekly because of my work schedule. People have to have their Sbux coffee all times of the day.
Love the BLOG each and everyday.

lhoffman said...

SO Funny! Fortunately, Barney hasn't really invaded here- it's mostly Curious George, Super Why! are the most recent.... I feel for you and love your poster ;) As for "Lost", never saw it from Day 1, so never got into it. Could be one of those things down the road from Netflix... though I did love him back in his "Party of Five" days!

jacy said...

Suz, she is SOOOO cute. Emmett ran to the computer to watch as soon as he heard her cute little voice. And now he wants to watch it over and over.

About "Jack" - yes, he is so gorgeous. I have to admit I didn't watch Lost after the first season (one of those shows I plan to watch straight through on DVD sometime), but Party of 5 was my favorite show - because of him. The year Lost came out he was at a movie premiere with one of my closest friends and she introduced us. I actually felt bad for Matt, who was standing right there. I do have to give you some good news...he was one of the nicest "Hollywood" guys I've met. So sweet and humble!!! And not bad to look at from 5 inches away either. And also, one of the rare tall ones.

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. XO