Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Family}

Bead-A-Full Thursday

Silverado Jewelry offers all kinds of silver beads.
They offer one for almost every type of family!

Family with Love...

Family with a new baby...mmmm
This one....

 I guess this would be us,
Mom, Dad, and the two kiddos!

They have lots more.
I don't think they have one for the Duggars, 
you know, the family with almost 20 kids.

But, the great thing about Silverado and these bracelets is,
you could make a bracelet with a different bead for each of your kids.
So, a whole bracelet would be perfect for the Duggars!
They should give me a call, I could hook them up with a great design.

And of course, it's time for another give-away.

I'm gonna give you chance to win this:

Gotta love it!  What girl doesn't like shoes?
Heels especially...cuz they make us look soo much better!

Here are the regular rules:
Become a fan on Facebook of Silverado Jewelry USA
Leave me a will immediately be entered, 
leave just one, every Thursday, if you want, I will total the next 3 Thursdays comments and 
pick a winner that Friday.

This time, leave me a comment about....
Your favorite TV family, old or new, I don't care. 
For example, I love the Huxtables.

 now go ahead, get your comment on.


Grandma Nina said...

Hi Suzanne, Thanks for the follow on Blog Frog. I'm now a new follower of yours on Blog Frog and this blog. This jewelry looks very nice and love the little shoe. So OK, I'll play. Favorite TV family? I can't think - and I watch a lot of TV! I guess I would say the Nelson's (of Ozzie and Harriett) or the Cleaver's (of Leave it to Beaver) I love the 50's and I have two sons.

Amy said...

I liked my Best Friend Eddy...a single Dad raising his son in a city...I remember the theme song, but not much else..."People let me tell you about my Best Friend"...ok, that's all I remember, but I could hum it for you :) I love the Huxtables, too!

Holmfamily said...

I too long the huxtables...the cosby show will always be my favorit...i still to this day love watching reruns and crack up at every episode! it's great!

Kiley said...
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Kiley said...

Hey Suzanne! Its Kiley from MOPS! I love your beads, super cute! Love the shoe bead too, would like to win it ;) Don't watch much TV, but i do like the duggars (20 kids and counting) Their fam is...interesting :) see ya soon!

lhoffman said...

I loved the Keatons! Can't forget the Ingalls' family from the WAY early years.... (now showing my age!)

I love the family of four bead- I have that one, but as a family of five!

Juliet Mock said...

Pick me, pick me!


I will have to go back a few years to my old time favorite family tv show... Leave it to Beaver.... "June I'm Home". Now to my up to date tv show would have to be The Duggers, with enough children to have 2 soccer teams to play against each other.
The bead for the next drawing by my Sassy Granddaugher is adorable and I hope I win...
Keep up the awesome work Suzanne...

Sydney said...

I LOVE the Duggers! The life with 19 kids must be CRAZY!