Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm adopting Ponijao...He's ALL MINE

I have learned not to have tooooo many expectations in life,
expectations only let you down.
{Especially on Mother's Day.}

I was not let down this Mother's Day...I didn't expect
the cliche Mother's Day gifts-like flowers or breakfast in bed,
or my kids to act like perfect angels....good thing, cuz they didn't!

But, I had a pretty cool Mother's Day regardless.

I went to a movie with my both of my sisters-in-law,
 my Mom, and my Mother-In-Law.

Babies, a documentary on 4 babies around the world.
It was excellent.  I am not a baby-freak, or would never
claim to be the best Mom in the world, but this movie is one
EVERY Mom should see!!

It is a great example of how every culture raises kids differently,
but overall, babies are so stinkin' cute, and
they make us laugh, and we just love to love on them.

And, two minutes into the movie, I decided I have to have
Ponijao...the baby from Africa.

Tatum and Turner are just gonna love him.
They just  have to accept their newest little brother.... cuz he had me
at "Da da ba ba".  And all I wanted to do was squeeze his
cheeks and kiss on his plump lil' lips.

Not to worry, his Mom shows him oodles of love throughout the movie,
but he is just mine now, at least... in my mind.

Watch this trailer and you will wanna run to your nearest theatre.

What I learned most is to be a "less anxious" Mom.
I tend to be a perfectionist in most things in life, and learned
through this movie, that babies need to learn to be independent,
they need our love and affection, and our direction,
but mostly they just need to play, learn, and
discover life on their least for the first few years and then
we gotta start "laying the smack down".

Hope you had a magnificent Mother's Day, and if your
expectations let you down, just go see this movie,
cuz this movie will NOT let you down!

Toodles...I'll send you pics when Ponijao gets here!

Okay, just one more shot of him....oh the chub, the smile,
and the cuteness!


lhoffman said...

You know- that's such a great reminder! (When I worked at the Expo in Seville, Spain in 1992 the main movie there was called "World Song"... it was very similar, but went from birth beyond into older age... showed birth, kids around the world getting drivers' licenses, getting married, etc... a great reminder of how similar we all are). I definitely saw a few things in this that made me cringe (according to our "safety standards" here), but definitely see what you're saying! Let them explore and learn!

Juliet Mock said...

How about Branaldo for a nickname?


Love my day with the Timmer's Moms..... The movies was awesome, it is a must see..

mrs mediocrity said...

I have a new kitten that I am in love with...but I keep saying to him: "You are just so stinkin cute!"
So there you have it...Love your blog!