Friday, May 14, 2010

Grand Prize Give-Away Winner #4 Revealed!

You know it!
It's your birfday!
Or at least you can party like it's your birfday.

Not only is it Friday,
but it's Pick-A-Winner Friday at So Stinkin' Cute.

R U Ready?
Is the anticipation killing you?

Do you think the winner is YOU? 

Sit back with some coffee and enjoy the following: 


Here is her blog, another beauty:

Bambina Babe

So, major Congrats!
Here is your prize.
Wear it with pride and brag to everyone, that you are winner in my eyes!
Well, technically, all of you are!

Have a great weekend.
And, I'm out.


lhoffman said...

Hey, Suz! Just wanted to let you know I get an error when I try to watch the video. I only know cause I'm too impatient to see who won, so I cheat and scroll down... ;) But love that look on your face and was wanting to see the interaction between you and Tatum! And how'd you know... I DO have a cup of coffee in my hand ;) Have a fabulous weekend!

lhoffman said...

OK- not sure what's up, but it wouldn't work in Safari, but did with Firefox. Adorable video!!! (And don't you just love those kisses?)


Nice job picking a winner today Tatum.... Your Gi Gi will keep posting for your momma.... Hey followers do not forget to vote for Suzanne on the top mommy blog.... She rocks my world each day....

Kiley said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne!! I missed seeing your kids tonight at small group :) oh, and when you told me you lived literally right by thE church I didn't think it was in your backyard. :) talk about close! See ya soon!!



Today is May 17th and it is So Stinkin' Cute Suzanne Cartmill's Birthday.... Everyone who reads her blog send her a Birthday Wish... Her husband as we know him as Branmuffin gave her a gift of many friends on Sunday for her birthday.... I wish I was still there to have celebrated with them all..... I am voting for Branmuffin....