Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dread Locks and Jelly Fish

After this post, I got nothin' left to tell you about my get-away trip.
I guess I better go shopping or get some new products to
Cuz, after a week of being home in the rain, clouds, and wind,
a girl starts to daydream about the sun, the beach, and a carefree life.


At the Marco Island Marriott they just installed this
jellyfish tank in their main lobby.
It totally mesmerizes you...okay, it mesmerized us.

I fell in love with it and told Branmuffin,
{Still his current nickname, though the poll on my blog says you guys like Brando....just sayin'.}
"Okay, I've got to have this jellyfish tank, it makes me happy and I know
the kiddos could spend hours gazing at it....and that would make me really happy."

He said "No" and went on and on about how much it would cost
to have a salt water tank of this size and the upkeep
would be more than our little beta at home....yada yada yada.

Then I saw him...and asked the Rasta's permission to take this picture....

Those are dreadlocks down to his ankles.
And I don't know if I have any followers or readers with dreadlocks,
if I do, please let me know....but, I am wondering what do
dreadlocks smell like?*&!#$?

I don't know if I could cozy up to this guy in bed if he were my man!!

I mean, I am the kind of girl who combs her conditioner through her
hair in the shower.  I try to shave my legs at least 3 times a week.
I apply lotion over my entire body after every shower.
I have a beauty product for everything.
This, this, is cool, I like Bob Marley...but the smell gets me worried.

Brandon told me to "respect the Rasta" and I am giving the respect.
But, if any of you have dreads or has gotten close to the scalp
of someone with dreads....please let me know via the comments section.
What's it smell like?
It can't be good, I'm thinking oily, grease, bed-head, hairsmell.
Double ick.

Travelling gives me great blog material, I told Branmuffin...
I need to shop more and travel more,
it helps me be a better blogger.



Susan Stein said...

Suzanne, Branmuffin is gonna rent 7 Pounds on DVD and you'll never want a jellyfish tank again. Susan

Dawn Crowder said...

I would be totally, brainlessly, utterly entranced by watching blue glowing jellyfish. I don't think I could move my feet to go anywhere else. :)

Carolina Clover

Molly said...

shop more and travel more fo sho!! i'm gonna try that one on my hubs...

i have an major fear of jellyfish, so noooo tank!

and those dreds are icky. period.

Juliet Mock said...

OK girly! How do you find time to shave 3 times a week!!!!??? I am lucky if I get it done once a week! Forget lotion..I am just glad to get a 10 minute shower in daily. :)

Nancy said...

Suzanne!!!!!!! I found it!!!
I guess I was caught up in other stuff on your page and never got down to the bottom of the page, but here I am :)

Have a wonderful weekend, in this gorgeous weather!