Monday, May 24, 2010

My Fairy Godmother

I got to attend a BBQ on Saturday.
It twas' really fun, cuz they served great food, 
and the hosts are the type of couple that you look forward to 
spending time with.  
Believe me, they know how to take care of their guests.

{Anyhoo, you all are well aware of my recent birthday.
So, like everyone, I am not getting any younger.
And summer is upon us, which means tons of places and events to eat at, 
like the aforementioned  BBQ, weekends away, 4th of July, etc.
In addition, I have a secret I haven't shared publicly....and I plan on sharing....just, not yet.
So, just bear with me, until I can share the secret.
And, when I share it will be BIG! 
Don't worry, I am not pregnant.
 I hate to admit it, but this secret has added some stress to my normally perfect life.}

And then, it happened.

I met her.

I met the woman who can change my life. 

And guess what?

She can change your life too!
Cuz, that is what she does for a living.

Kristen, changes lives.
And she has agreed to change ours.
 Kristen is a Health Educator, she has her MPH or Masters of Public Health
and her Bachelor's is in Psychology.
She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist.
Currently, she works for Cigna Health.  
Her patients are employees for a particular company that provides Cigna Insurance. 

She teaches these patients/employees how to get healthier.
Her top 3 issues are the following:
  1. Weight Loss
  2. Smoking Cessation
  3. Managing Stress
So, this is when I realized, I hit the jackpot!
Not only did I just have an excellent meal with great friends, 
but I met my very own Fairy Godmother of Health & Wellness.
And this Fairy Godmother has agreed to give us secrets
to the above 3 Health/Wellness topics!
....or whatever else we want to know...
So, being the most generous blogger you know, 
I will disclose these secrets/tips to you.
If you find them interesting, and you will, you can share them with your friends!
Cuz I don't know ANYONE 
who doesn't have at least one health/wellness problem at some point in their life. 
I used to read magazines for the latest health tips,
but I don't have time for that....
I wipe butts now....two cute butts, but I don't get time to lay around 
and catch up on the secrets of taking off the pounds, etc.
And, if you are ANY bit like me, this sounds boring.
Don't worry...I will jazz it up for you.
So, leave me a comment as to much your current weight is, 
....what keeps you awake at night, 
....and what current anti-depressants you are taking.

Take a joke, I don't want to know that much personal info...
but if you have a particular question, 
I will pin the Fairy Godmother of Health &Wellness down, 
and beat her...till I get an answer!
So, leave a comment on any questions you may have.



lhoffman said...

Oh I'm SO Excited about this- and will be forever grateful for your sharing! My hot button and "need to know" topic of the moment is healthy snacks for the kids. I know, the obvious fruit, but am running out of ideas, and tired of opening bags of fruit snacks, pretzels, cheez-its... oh, and some new lunch ideas, since I'm home with them, would be great as well. I would love some healthy, quick options... feel like it's gotten a little "junky" lately- and I have good eaters. But, I'm in a rut that I can't seem to get out of. SO, any ideas would be greatly appreciated ;)

Tamara Nicole said...

Ooooh how exciting!!! My only question is . . . how does drinking coffee regularly affect my health?! I'm super duper healthy other than that, so I just want to see if I have to give it up to be healthy? :-( Cause I LOVE me some coffee

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