Friday, May 21, 2010

Garage Sales n' Bra Shopping...not at the same time,,,Eww

I will admit it to the world.
I love a good garage sale.
I didn't grow up going to them, 
and I laughed when people told me they loved going to garage sales.
Eww...I wanna sift through people's junk for something you think 
you would want or need?
No thanks....
And then, I had kids.  I watched them play with a toy for 3 minutes
that I bought at Target for $24.99...never to touch it again!

And that's when it hit me!
This full-price toy shopping is a joke,
and it's gonna mess with my shopping budget.

So, here is my tip. 
If you have kiddos and they need toys, give garage sales a chance.
Do not waste your time at random garage sales.
Hit up a neighborhood that you could NEVER afford to live in.
Cuz, those peeps buy full price toys all day long
and don't notice when their kids don't play with it.
Then they price them for $1 and your kiddos have Christmas in the Spring!
As far as the non-toy world of garage sales.....
I've got nothing.  I draw the line at toys.

Last night my Mom and I hit up Nordstroms to have our
"girls" breasts measured. 
There were no surprises...we were the size we thought we were.
But, we were both surprised at is how good the right bra feels.
After being prego and nursing two infants,
I was ready to put my "girls" breasts in a nice, comfy place to cuddle up in.
You know, no more nursing bras, or cheapos from Target.

Our gal hooked me up with this:

The Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Bra
Whew...that's a mouthful.
My "girls" breasts have died and gone to heaven.
At $44, I have died and gone to heaven...feels so good, 
and looks great in a t-shirt.

So, Nordstrom knows what they are doing as far as boobs and bras.
Great sales people and if I look like I had my "girls" breasts done.
I didn't, I'm just rockin' my new bra!

Have you taken the time to give your "girls" a nice home?


lhoffman said...

I so love this time of year and have been in garage sale HEAVEN! I, like you, never hit 'em until kids. Just seemed like it was more time/patience in the hopes of finding a great gem... I was SO wrong!

I hit the jackpot yesterday, today and last week... I don't just do toys, I do kids' clothes, clothes for me if I can find them (like this morning, I stumbled across a fabulous Liz Claiborne shirt- great for casual wear, for .50! (Yes, that's .50!!!) It's awesome and can't wait to sport it. I do shoes for the kids if they're in awesome condition- cause they're so expensive, and they go through them- especially dress shoes which they need, but hardly wear. (Today, I found a pair of Dr. Martens for Ethan for next fall- hardly worn, for $5. Had to grab em!) I say who needs retail, when there are garage sales? It's been so awesome, and so addicting- I had to cut myself off!

Sarah Kimmel said...

I'm 31, and I JUST barely went to Victoria's Secret to get sized for a bra. It's amazing how it feels when it actually fits right! Congrats on your new bra!

Juliet Mock said...

My sis used to work at Victoria's Secrets in college and my "girls" were measured and treated then. I know they are different now and some shrinkage happened after breast feeding.

I totally agree about the garage sales. I get Julia's toys and clothes there and that is where I draw the line. They are clothes she wears to daycare and you can't beat getting 10 pairs of pants and 10 shirts for $20 at a fancy neighborhood sale where their kids probably wore it once if ever! :)

Amy said...

The right bra does make such a difference! I went to Intimacy in Chicago the April after I had Luke thinking ok, I am still nursing, but I need to help these girls out! I spent more than I will ever confess to my husband. But boy did the right bra look good; I did buy one nursing, one every day and one sexy! Note to not buy expensive bra while still nursing! I thought I was far enough along that I had shrunk back down....ah, no. So in June, I hope to get remeasured and since there is no Intimacy here, I am thrilled to know I can go to Nordstroms :) And I priced out breast lifts...around $6200. Those "expensive" bras are looking darn cheap!

Side Street Style said...

I agree with both - having the right bra makes a huge difference and feels so comfortable!! Also I love garage sales because you never know what you are going to's interesting to see what people collect and what they want to's like looking into a small part of someones life and you never know what bargin you may find.

Love the blog and just stopping in from Lady Bloggers Tea party

Laura x

erin said...

Love the blog....I know what you mean about finding a great bra. Especially after having children, pregnancy can really do some damage to your "girls".

I also love a good garage sale for kids toys as well. It feels so good to spot a great find.