Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fashionable Women-Hear Me ROAR!

I'm laughing a little when I type the title to this post,
cuz I am NO LONGER a fashionista.

Back in the day.....

  1. I shopped for hours for the latest "look".

  2. Spent oodles of dollars on accessories, clothing, and make-up.

  3. Took my time, curling or straightening my oh-so-current hairstyle.

  4. Slowly applied make-up via the latest techniques and trends.
  5. Read numerous fashion/beauty magazines.
Now, I am usually at-home with my two kiddos, bless their heart.
When in the world would I have the time to do that now??
Seriously!  Can you relate?

Enough rambling, I am going to do my first and ONLY
fashion post featuring ME on So Stinkin' Cute.
{This is from the wedding we attended in Florida.  See here to refresh.}
Cuz unless some things change drastically, I do not claim to know
what'sup in the fashion world...any...longer.
Other blogs do this weekly, not me!  I just tell you what I think is cute.

Drum Roll please....

Dress...Marshall's $39.99
Clutch....Vintage, from my closet.
Right-hand ring....a Vegas boutique.

Flower in hair....H&M, $5.99 for a pop of color.
Sunglasses....Target, $?, too long ago to remember.

Wedges...Marshalls...$39.99, can't even see em'.

White shirt...Old Navy...$5.99 Clearance
Linen Pants....Macy's...$39.99
Flip Flops.....DSW...$39.95

My tip is this:

Go classic in your clothing, you get more wear out of it.

Get fun in your accessories,
people seem to remember the flower, or the bracelet more than the outfit.
Plus, accessories can be where you show your personality.

I guess my personality is blingy and colorful!

To make this fashion post even more interesting....
these pics took place minutes after the following:

Branmuffin and I were on our way to the wedding on Captiva Island.
We ran into "island" traffic and what we thought would take
1.5 hours, took almost 3 hours.
We didn't want to miss the trolley that got us to the ceremony.
Brandon got super ballsy and passed two cars in a no-pass zone.
Someone called the sheriff and we were followed into the wedding by that sheriff.
No arrests were made, we did some sweet-talkin' and we got to the ceremony, just in time.

But, those pics you just saw....
I did my hair and make-up in the car, mmm hmmm..
I changed into my dress while he drove, and held the wheel as
he changed into his shirt.

And this is the fashionable, VW Bug that got us there!

I certainly hope that isn't my LAST fashion post,
but I wouldn't doubt it if it is!



Leah said...

YOu look fantastic! Love the dress and the flower in the hair. If I had hair, I'd always wear a flower. Those sheriffs probably don't get a whole lot of action around there, so they were happy to have something to do!

Bambina Babe said...

So beautiful! I love it...and I'm glad to have a fellow Marshall's-lover. :) I'm totally doing the flower in the hair on our next trip.

Jenny said...

Love your dress! $39.99...definitely a great find!

Molly said...

you have me cracking up girl! can't believe you got followed by a cop to a wedding!

you are looking fab, though, and i've never seen a pic that you didn't!

Molly said...

oh, and i totally voted Alejandro. hehe.

Jared and Beka said...

You guys look great! LOVE the dress!

Alissa said...

Chris always refers to the Bran Muffin as B Muffs, so that has to be my vote. You know how we always have to shorten stuff and create our own lingo in this household.

By the way, any chance you could be my personal shopper?! Great finds on some great looking peeps!