Friday, May 7, 2010

M & M

This Bride was STUNNING.

When I finally got a chance to hug her and talk to her,
all I could say was "Wow".

And this was the reason we took the trip to Florida.

The wedding was held on Captiva Island.
A quaint place, but a wedding!

Matt and Melissa, otherwise known as M & M hosted
a rare event, with so many special details.
This bride, "takes the cake" in
beauty and elegance!

Sit back, and take notes.

Here comes the happy groom and his brother!

The bride and groom have known each other for 20 years.

And they finally got to give their vows, and share their love, to each
other, and all of their witnesses!

No details were missed, from the trolley, to the jewelry,
the flowers, the cake, and the happiness brought us both to tears.

We were so honored to be invited...
so honored to be a part of their vows before God...
and share in the party!

I got to catch up with old friends...

and be with Brandon...all dressed up!

It twas a special night, a special event,
and next time, I will hook u up with details of our "almost arrest" and
my wedding, fashion details.....

cuz I am usually the girl in sweatpants and no make-up.


Monique said...

Hello Suzanne! Found your tag on Molly's website. You have an adorable blog. Looking forward to reading it! Have a great Friday.



Looks like a beautiful wedding. I know that Brandon and Suzanne enjoyed there time away with out the kiddos...

Housewife Bliss said...

just love your sunglasses in the 2nd to last shot, and you are so right about the stunning bride, she looks amazing

Gwen said...

Love the blog sweetie!!! But thought you would comment on the bling!!! Your favorite thing. I told Melissa that the bracelet Matthew gave her for her wedding prez, was the design I had been 'beliveing' they would give me. She told Matthew that very thing after she got down crying at his 'little' gift. So hoping that it's sitting under my Christmas tree this year. A little charm & bling always makes her feel so special!!!!

So glad you and Brandon could have a little get away with no little ones and NO speeding ticket.

We want to make it an annual event on the island. Ready to do likewise????


Holly said...

This looks like a fun weddings...thanks for sharing!