Monday, May 17, 2010

37, Yes, today I am 37

It's my birthday today.
Yup. The big 37.
I think 36 sounds soo much sexier.
But, whatevs, I don't care, the older I get
the more I like who I have become.
Another number isn't gonna hold me back.
So, to any of you younger than me reading this;
know that life only gets better the older you get.
You know who you are and you care less about what others think or say.
You can look back at when you were 22 and see how much you have grown.

I wanted to find a celebrity who is 37 years old,
married with 2 know, like me!
I found Jennifer Garner.

I think she's okay.
I've seen her schleppin' around the playground through paparazzi pics.
She's gotta hot husband too.

And the other thing we have in common:

A little hair/make-up/cleavage makes 37 look even better!

And my wonderful, caring husband threw me a HUGE SURPRISE party.
The night before my birthday with 
tons of friends, and people who made me feel
You know who you are...I appreciate you!

{Check back, I've got prom pictures from this past weekend.}

Toodles, my lovelies!


mary timmers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! I couldn't believe I'd had a girl when you were born-- too much to ask for! When you took my finger in your little hand that first hour of your life, I knew you and I were going to have a special bond, and we do! I'm so proud of you, my beautiful, strong grown-up baby girl who is one of my BEST friends. Have the best day!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne! Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. I hope this day holds something special for some ALONE time :)

Juliet Mock said...

Happy Birthday! So sorry I missed the big surprise bash! Have a great day! By the way, you look much younger than 37.

Lace said...

Happy Birthday, lady cakes!

MrsDixon said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Nick & Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday sweet dear friend that I yearn to hang with, talk to, go to fancy restaurants with, have facials with and talk about God with...I am so blessed to know you-you are beautiful inside and out and Brandon is a lucky man to have you for his wife...I hope your day was filled with glamour and love!! Let's chat soon!!