Thursday, May 6, 2010

You look a little in HOT PINK!

I think I am going to open a travel agency.
One that specializes in trips to warm-weather destinations....
for worn-out parents of young children....who haven't caught a break in
what seems like forever.
You think there is a market for that?

Cuz, after drinking 'hot' coffee, enjoying moments of 'silence',
and laying in the hot Florida sun,


And Branmuffin is a new man.
He is the man I met years ago...relaxed...adorable...sweet at even the smallest things,
and oh, so, chivalrous.
I never drove our rental car, I was treated like a lady, and he always
had his hand out for me to that.

Dinner...Italian....DaVinci's....Excellent! is my first tip.
Buy NEW sunscreen when you go on your next trip.
I simply threw what we had at home in my suitcase and
it was as if I didn't put a drop on, and we both fried.
Like a couple of peices of coconut shrimp.
My face was fine, cuz I used a new tube of face SPF 30,
but the rest of the trip...we were on fire, and if our bodies touched....
we both spat at each other, "don't touch me there", or "oh, oof, ugh".

But, not to worry, we touched each other.

{More on that, on another blog posting.....have you heard of the 40 day challenge?}


One highlight of the trip was the beach. 
My brother and sister-in-law Kip got married on Marco Island, 2 years ago. 
And let me tell you, I am a huge fan of these beach weddings
(why we got to go on this trip in the first place).
So simple and beautiful.

Here we are on that exact beach at sunset.

Branmuffin who for the trip was "Alejandro" from
Lady GaGa's latest song.

And me, fully embracing what the humidity does to my hair....

I told Branmuffin, I am not a Mom for 5 days, I am only your Wife...
But, for a moment, I had to do a Zen Mommy pose.

So, we had a lot of adventures, and if you don't mind I wanna tell you all about stay tuned.
We went to a wedding, saw tons of OLD people....cuz that's where they all go, Florida.....
and we almost got arrested....and...I!

Toodles, oh, and stay tuned.


Amy said...

Suzanne! I am so glad you had such a great time!!! Sounds like a dream trip....I was thinking of you two. Dale and I need to do something like that as well. It has only been 2 years, but it seems like FOREVER ago! You guys look great! And yes, they say to get a new sunscreen after it has been open for a year.

Summer said...

you guys look SO cute and SO rested!!! Wish I could do a trip like that once a month. I'd be a new person!

Tember said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Isn't it fun to remember who you were before kids and realize that your kids are such a blessing for making you want time together (alone) more than anything?! We always comment on the fact that it's so fun to go out because we have something more than ourselves to come home to. Even if we'd like to not "come home" to them for a while... Your pictures are aweseome, thanks for sharing!