Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is this the Red Carpet? or Prom!

Back in the day, this is what Prom looked like.

And when I went in the 90's, it was all poofy dresses and hair.

This past weekend, my fav cutie-pie bbsitter went to Prom!
I couldn't miss the picture taking festivities.
She wore my wedding jewelry, cuz she is THAT special to me.


Can you take the glamour and sophistication?
Prom is NOT what it used to be, these girls do not go through an 
"ugly stage".  They are straight up, off the red carpet of the 
Academy Awards!  And they all know how to pose!

I told Brandon, when Tatum goes to prom, 
we are putting a GPS system in her dress.

Until then, I'm keeping her in pony tails and cotton sundresses!

Alyson, you are beautiful, both inside and out, 
and I love you like you were my very own!

Side note:  As far as the "Brandon Nickname" poll....
Brando is in a HUGE lead, and Scooter is second....I don't like change,
so part of me wants to just stick with good ole' Branmuffin, just not use it
every.single.time.I talk about him.

2nd Side note: Check out the button called "Top Mommy Blogs" on my right side-bar,
and click on it to vote for So Stinkin' Cute...I don't know if I get anything
if I am on top, but I like being on top, and wouldn't you like to help me get there?
Just so you know, I won't sleep my way to the top, I am happily married.

Thanks for all of the birfday wishes, I am exhausted from
the festivities and know inside-n-out, that I am a blessed woman.
But, I'm old, cuz I need 8 hours of sleep, or I'm cranky.

Toodles, my lovelies!



Alyson, you looked beautiful for your prom. Your barcelet looked amazing.I am so glad I got to meet your while I was visiting "The So Stinkin' Cute Family" in MN. I am sure you had a great time at prom.
I am there with you Suzanne, I like Branmuffin also, but I also like Scooter a nickname he has had since childhood.... But he is your man now so you decide what fits your life style...
Loved all the pictures...

Kelley Pounds said...

In the mid 80s it was big hair, puffy sleeves, and hoop skirts a la Scarlett O'Hara. My daughter went to New Mexico Military Institute for four years, graduated in 2005, and instead of prom NMMI had "Final Ball." The girls wore their beautiful dresses and the guys wore their dress uniforms. They looked so dashing. ;) Very cool.

aheroff2512 said...

SUZANNE this so cute! i love it :) your a very special person to me and im so happy you came to my pictures! love you very much xox

lhoffman said...

You are so right! I keep thinking that - where are the hideous dresses we wore once (I seem to remember something silver metallic and black my senior year...) those we never wore again! THESE dresses are beautiful, classy, and able to be worn again. My, how times have changed...