Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bead-A-Full Thursday 

It's gonna be a little macho, a little stronger, and a little more manly around here..
but don't we love that??

Strong Men. 
I love a strong man.

Silverado Jewelry USA makes jewelry for Men as well.
Check this out....

Here is one of the Men's large focal beads...
they are more substantial, larger, with MORE oomph.

Cuz, that's how men usually are huh?
So, if you guy is a rock-n-roller, or at least watches 
American Idol with you...that would be the bead for him.

Here's a few more.


Celtic beads too....

And the men's bracelet is bigger, thicker, more manly..

Gosh, get your mind out of the gutter!!

So, if your man is into jewelry, or has a birthday coming up,
you are covered in the gift department.

Just so ya know, Branmuffin has one!
All the male beads are bigger, you can get letters, sports stuff...

This is the last week to win this:

For my new followers,
and this is where I get to brag...I have 108 of them now!  Woo-hoo!
{Tell your friends to join, I want more followers!}
All you have to do is leave a comment.
I pool the last 3 weeks comments and pick a winner
on Friday, as in tomorrow!

So, become a fan on Facebook of Silverado Jewelry USA.

And soon, I will have lots more info on this jewelry,
hint, hint...wink, wink...

So, stay tuned and try to win this's a $35 value.

What other blog does a give-away like this?

Tell me, I dare you, and I kinda wanna know.

Toodles and check back on Friday to see if you WON!



Let me tell you followers something about the manly beads. My son who is known as Branmuffin has a bracelet and it is a bracelet that every manaly man should have.
It is:
Physically powerful
Just like every man should be for his woman.
Come on ladies Fathers Day is just around the corner. "HOOK HIM UP" Wink wink if you know what I mean.
Branbuffin's Momma.....


PS: Just to let you all know that Branmuffin is so supportive and likes to share his devotion for his wifey's blog.
I just spent the last week my son and his family and he adores is wife as much as she adores him. Thank You for the amazing well spent time with all of you....

Gwen said...

Hmmm, the manly man or even just a man hasn't entered my world -- just yet. However, I've got my eyes open and seriously looking. Love the Celtic beads!!!!

Amy said...

So will Branmuffin/Brando buy you that special gift now that you have crossed the 100 mark?! He should still honor that :)

Beth said...

I love the celtic bead too! Don't think I could get Dave to wear it though...Do you think Daddy Pfizer would approve? *wink wink*...Brandon is way more rock n' roll and I bet it looks very cool with his style. I WANT that lady bug bead!!!!

Anonymous said...

So sister Im waiting on winning a bid to start my braclet I want to be able to have a reason to start it and what better reason than a bead I won from you :) I told Brother that every xmas and birthday Im going to be asking everyone for a new bead to build my braclet I want it to be built with love :) Love you and love the kiddos .. Muah!!!

So Tater tot Pull my name from that Hat!!!

Juliet Mock said...

I wanna win one!

Alissa said...

Agree with the gift idea for crossing the 100 mark. You go girl!! Oh and B Muffs remains my vote :)

lhoffman said...

I go for Brando... needs to be somewhat manly, as it sounds like he's taken enough grief for the "not so manly" (but loving) Branmuffin... ;)

I love the celtic beads- I got the Celtic bead for the "mother and child" and I LOVE IT!


I am home from MN and I have to put my last post for the win... Lots of compliments on my bling... Love you all and I am already missing my family.....