Friday, April 9, 2010

Wonder....was it the Yeastie Beastie?

I'm touched, and my heart has melted into a bunch of cheese.
Yesterday's comments were soo sweet.
I don't know if it was because of their sweetness,
 or the fact that I am just a sucker for a good "gettin' some jewelry" story.
I think it is just cuz I LOVE jewelry, and accessories, and purses, and girlie things.

I will say...95% of the time I love being a woman.
But when any of life's "woman ailments" gets you down,
and I mean down, I am not such a fan of womanhood.
I'm not gonna name the particular woman ailment, I'll just keep you guessing.

That's when I go to thinking, men have it pretty easy.

Here is our list of possibles:
Menstrual cycle
Yeast Infection
Bladder Infection
Yearly Exams
Pap Smears
Plugged ducts
Abscessed ducts
I could go on and on...

And here is what the men endure:
Jock Itch
Vasectomy Recovery

...are you with me?  And, what picture should I post to go with this post?

So, I'm goin' with Wonder Woman.

She's all strong and got it together.
And because I loved the comments soooo much yesterday...
you got me thinking.

Do you WONDER anything?
Anything you want to talk to SSC about?
I'm talking can be about life, female stuff, beauty, secrets of Branmuffin.
If you do and you want to email me questions...
I'm here.
I will be your Oprah...
but I'm white, and a Mom, and married, and not as rich.

Your comments will inevitably give me blog material.
Blog material YOU want.
Can't make any promises...that I will answer your comment or use it.
But, go for it:

Email me for privacy and comment if you are brave in what you


ernietimmers said...

Jock itch,vasectomy recovery, and living with a women with all of the above. Hey you guys would kill if you didn't have us simple guys to take all your feminine hostilities out on. Shouldn't have bitten the apple!


For the short years I have known Ernie (Branmuffin's) father-in law. He has been an amazing in my son's life. He always has good things to say... His girls have been blessed to have him in their lives. You Go Ernie.......

Juliet Mock said...

Childbirth and pregnancy need to be on seperate lines! Don't forget the post-pardum blues/depression/hormonal rollarcoaster.

Plugged ducts suck! Had too many of that

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

You are funny and stinkin cute, and we need to be friends, I found you on Blog Frog from someone else's followers (Key Lime Blog Design)...Anywho...I'll be back! :)