Friday, April 23, 2010

Pick-A-Winner #3....And IKEA

I love this bead sooo much, I don't want to give it away!
But I will, cuz this is what I do..I do serious give-aways that are worth
oodles of dollars, peeps, oodles!

So, if you have friends that like jewelry or free stuff in general,
send them my blog address and get them hooked up,
 its the least you could do for a friend!

By the way or BTW, I love your comments,
I love it when you participate and it isn't ALL me talking!
You guys are great, and I feel like we are becoming family around here...

Okay, enough mush, onto the WINNER!!


I gotta tell you a tip and a major score I made yesterday at IKEA.
I took the kiddos there, cuz an im-po-tant meeting got cancelled :(,
and let me tell you ...that is a great place to take kids.
  They love checking out the kid stuff and running around.
Then, I found out when I was leaving that they would take potty-trained
kids for an hour so you can shop.
I'm thinking I will go back and drop Tatum off
when we are having a rough day!  She would love it!


So this is my major score!  For $7.99!

It's a scarf holder.  I don't own a ton of scarves, but I never know how
to store them...if you put them in a drawer you never use them, and if you
hang them on the closet bar, they fall off!
So pretty cool, right?

There's my tip for your Friday!

Enjoy the weekend!  We have a birthday party to host for Turner and I need
to get some stuff for our Captiva Island, Florida trip!

Toodles my lovelies, and Sparkly jewelry too!


lhoffman said...

Congrats, Mama Orser! You're going to love it ;)

Ikea... good to know about taking the kids! Will have to check that out as I appreciate the tip on things to do with the kids- good to know in a pinch! Love your scarf organizer, too!

And, I just have to say your little helpers are so stinkin cute!! Have an awesome Friday!

Mama Orser said...

Get out of town! I never win anything! Woo-hoo!!!
Thanks, Suzanne! I really love that little bead. I have no choice now but to get a bracelet, what's a girl to do?! :)

Nancy said...

ok, very cute video, especially when it looks like Turner takes a dive off the bed, did anyone else catch that? I will keep trying and post again to Facebook for followers...Mwah!


Love the video of my grandbabies.... Yes I caught Turner's dive off the bed. I will continue entering the drawing each Thursday....

Blue Earth's Bogey at Sundown said...

First time on! Love the Ikea in Billings Montana- can't wait to paruse the topics because it is difficult to find fabulous things here that are original!