Monday, January 11, 2010

Teamwork- Team Cartmill

This pic is a bit old, last Fall to be exact.  I just needed one of the Hubs and our "Young".  I had a good weekend with my Branmuffin.  You know, one of those weekends where your husband seems to help out with everything without you having to ask.  Like when I asked him to get Turner his bottle, he was on the phone...rather than snap or get annoyed, he just said "Yeah, babe."  I almost fell over.  Or when he finished making pancakes on Sunday morning and he grabbed both kids at once, in that daddystyle they have and brought them upstairs for a much needed bath.  I stood there, mouth open, catching total shock, cuz I had mentioned it earlier, but he did it, on his own, without me saying anything!!!

I made sure to thank him later, to let him know I noticed his efforts.  Men like that, you know?  They need the strokes, and I am here to give em'!  I figure if it increases the chance of him doing it again, I am all over it, why not tell him how great he is ladies!

So, Branmuffin...YOU ARE GREAT!  I mean the good stuff,  I waited 32 years for!  I love it when we are a team, rather than at odds and conquering these two kids on our own terms.  I like it better when its "Us" against "Them", cuz let me tell you, lately these kids need a team.  I won't complain today, cuz I don't have the energy and we all have the sniffles and yucky coughs, plus it's Monday.  But, I say we keep up this teamwork gig, it works, and I need it.

So, Big Shout Out to Branmuffin today!! Whoo Hoo!  He is out there in the cold, getting to work and making a living for his family.  A true man in this world!


Summer said...

Aweeee, Suzanne.....this was super sweet. Brandon will love it....AND hopefully it brings less snapping and more, yes Dear. =)

Betty said...

This brought tears to Branmuffin's mommie's eyes. I am so proud of Brandon being the on the "US" team... I knew he had it in him. Sometime us women have to wait longer than we want. Suzanne I am excited for the Babers/Branmuffin Team.