Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Fat Wife is a status symbol

This week's "Price of Beauty" with Jessica Simpson features her in Uganda, Africa.
There are tons of bugs in her tent at night and that makes her freak out.
It would freak me out too!

The more interesting part of the show...
she visited a tribe that when a woman prepares for marriage,
she spends two months inside a hut, constantly eating and drinking a calorie-laden
milk to get FAT for her future husband.
We are talking 80 pounds in 2 months.
Cuz, in Uganda, FAT is HOT.
Having a fat wife and a bunch of cows to tend to, is a status symbol.

I don't want to move to Uganda.
But, I kind of wish it was a bit like that here in the good ol' US of A.

I'm still a fan of this show!!
Have you guys checked it out yet?

As for Housewives of NYC...
I'm getting a bit tired of the catty, complaining, drama...it's
so high school and so "Mean Girls" to me.
I mean, who fights with people that often at this age?

I will say, I kinda want to be like the Countess LuAnn when I grow up!
I want her hair and her chic, but bohemian-style....
you know, "in the Hamptons, dahling.."

I so am cutting my hair like her!  Not now, someday.

Nice look huh?
She is ALWAYS rocking a huge ring, love that too!



lhoffman said...

No, don't do it! Not a fan of LuAnn and she's never really "countess-like". She and Jill are buggin' me this season... catty is right! Keep your hair- I love the look!


I do not like NY City Housewives... The are so rude and mean like you said.... I need to check out the J.S. show though.

lhoffman said...

OK- am I crazy, or did you just change your background and the font for the title of your blog? (or it could be, perhaps, the wine ;) I absolutely LOVE it! I think it's a winner- the perfect blend of the damask b&w, with your kelly green... it's fab! And I love the big, bold text! Way to go, girl!

Molly said...

Ewww, the NYC housewives are irritating me, too. I am almost ready to quit and wait for Beverly Hills...Almost. :)