Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday...Let's get interactive!

So, as you can tell, I am working on revamping the crap out of
this blog!
I needed a switch, a face-lift, a makeover of sorts.
I want it to scream...
my blog, my style,
and just get you all excited about whatever I have to say! 

Is it working?

Well, alrighty then, let's talk beautiful jewelry....

It's Spring, you know I am pumped about it!  Warm weather AND
Flowers...Flowers, everywhere...

Why not add this bead to your Silverado bracelet?
It's a flower, and an emerald birthstone, all in one!
Of course, I chose the GREEN stone...I love GREEN, and I have a
May birthday!
{Major HINT, as in, buy me gifts...need my address?}

This would be the perfect bead to add to your bracelet if you
were a May baby, or if you birthed a May baby, or if your wife did!

And that,
my lovelies,
 is the reason to love
the Silverado make it your own.
It's so personal, no-one else has what you have!

As usual, I am doing a give-away.
But, this time I am going to switch it up.
Send me a comment to enter.
Comment about a piece of jewelry you received,
BIG or small and what it meant to you.....

I will pull a winner in 3 weeks, enter every week if you would like! 
I will include a pic of the bead in the next post. What do you care which one it's FREE!! 

As always,

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Sparkly jewelry and bling!


lhoffman said...

After I had our son Ethan, Eric bought me an eternity ring- a round band of diamonds to symbolize his now being a father... for eternity. It never comes off my right hand... the sentiment means more than words can express ;)

Amy said...

My favorite piece of jewelry that I received, other than my engagement ring, is a trillant cut tanzanite we bought in Aruba on our honeymoon. Oh, I love that stone! It is my "heart of the ocean" as they say in Titanic :)


I would have to say my silver ring with a cross on it that once belonged to my son Travis. I wear it on my right hand, middle finger. It is my reminder to say a daily prayer. I also twist it on my finger when I worry which reminds me to pray. Okay for the emerald birthstone bead. If I were to win. The bead woud be a reprsentation of my grandma, Granddaughter (Ellie) and my daughter in-law who is So Stinkin' Cute (Suzanne) birthdays.
Oh my gosh I just wrote a short story...

lhoffman said...

One other piece of jewelry I have that I never take off (aside from my engagement & wedding ring)- is an infinity necklace that is from our trip to Maui when I was pregnant with Ethan. We went to a Luau with my parents, picked a clam, and had the pearl mounted in the lower part of the infinity, which completed the setting which has a small diamond on the top. This was another reminder to me of our fabulous trip, but more importantly mine and Eric's love story, and MY reminder that I'd always be a mom.

If I won this bead this month, it would be my special reminder of the little angel we'd have been blessed with in May of 2006, that we never got to meet...

Beth said...

Dave bought me a beautiful pair of diamond studs for the birth of our first daughter, Maren. I RARELY take them out, I think they are my favorite piece of jewelry!

Mama Orser said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is my first wedding ring. It's gold and so, so tiny but the whole idea of Scott picking it out by himself and how he gave it to me when really - at the time - all we had was nothing....means the world to me. He bought me a "bigger" ring after the birth of our first child because he thought it wasn't good enough but to me there is nothing big enough to replace how much I adore that tiny little ring and everything that stands behind it - us! :)

bcartmil said...

The watch that you and I picked out for my push present when Tatum was born. :) But the last week it has been stuck on 4:30 so I might need a new battery...

Alissa said...

I love the fact that I had absolutely no involvement with picking out my engagement ring. The night that Chris proposed I couldn't stop looking at it. In fact, he stayed down on one knee maybe longer than most guys because I was so taken with it that I didn't immediately answer his question - "will you marry me". The center stone was his grandmother's and it's very special to know it has been in his family for so many years.

kipvv said...

My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my engagement ring from Dan. He put so much time, energy and thought into picking it out. He told me that after he picked it up he used to stare at it every night before bed until he gave it to me on January 18, 2008. I think of that every time I look at it. I'm so proud to wear it. ; )
By the way, LOVE the revamped site!! So stinkin cute!

Elizabeth said...

Hi - I'm a brand new follower :) I found you from Frog Blog... So, my favorite 10 year anniversary ring. I found my ring while I was in the middle of reading The Secret (you know, the one about the Law of Attraction) and I used the power of the Secret to get my ring. In the book, the author writes about believing in whatever it is you desire (my ring) - feel it, dream it, believe in it. I was convinced...It.Would.Be.Mine. I just had to get the power of the Secret to work on my husband. After a couple of weeks of me talking nonstop about my ring and taking him to dinner (i.e a Mexican diner with awesome Margaritas situated nicely next to the jewelry store) I got my ring. Was it the power of the Secret? Maybe. It could have been the tequila too...who cares!