Friday, April 16, 2010

My kids are STARS, I tell ya!

My kids are gonna be famous.

The "good" kind of famous, you know...not the ones that get into
drugs and scandalous stuff.

Check out this picture, very closely.

As you know, I love unique names for kids, so I chose two of them for my kiddos.
We were watching one of the "March Madness" games, which one? ask.
Who cares!
  I was so out of it with my picks this year.

  Anyhoo, Branmuffin keeps on telling me how
great the game is, and how great a couple of the players are, yada, yada, yada....
 and how crazy it is that their last names are the first names of our children!!!
I finally started to pay attention and listen.
And then....
They show that pic up there on the screen.
Crazy huh? 
The names Tatum and Turner in order of their birth on t.v.
We should all be famous!!!

Do they look famous yet?

Hmmmm... I can kinda see it.

Speaking of stars, Raquel Welch was on Oprah a few weeks back.
I called my Mom to tell her what she said, and all about her new book she was pushing on beauty.
I really could not believe how beautiful she is.

I love her mouth, especially when she talks, super perfect.
Anyhow, it made me appreciate her and that she wasn't just a sex symbol.

Anyhoo, within days, I got an email with some pics of some well known male stars and how they have aged.
Take a looky, it ain't pretty...

Alec Baldwin

Arnold...the Gov

Brendan Frazer

Clint Eastwood

Rusell Crowe

Rod Stewart

Richard Gere

Mickey Rourke

Peirce Brosnan

Val Kilmer

Wow, boys, watcha working hard on now?

Makes you wanna take good care of yourself like Raquel huh?

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend!



mary timmers said...

Rod Stewart didn't look that great when he was young either!

Leah said...

I've always loved Rod Stewart, but all I can say is "whoa"...

Juliet Mock said...

Richard Gere...what did you do!? I think he is hot

Nick & Rebecca said...

Could you please find me that same tankini Rod was sporting in that one picture-I need it for a beach trip this summer. OMG. Gag me with a spoon.