Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm a Bunny...not a Playboy Bunny...

Easter 2010 goes down in the books for us
in this house! 
Great weather, great food, and well-behaved kiddos!

Tatum participated in 4 Easter egg hunts.
Yes, FOUR hunts.
She is quite the pro now, might be because she has
two parents that insist on her winning and getting the
biggest haul even if that means knocking over other snotty-nosed kids!

Nana and Papa started a new egg hunt at their house!

However, with two sick cousins unable to attend, it just wasn't the same!
We missed you Collin and Grace!

Ummmm...can't you take the cuteness of my neice, Mary?
She is so pudgy and she just loves ME the most!
I wear fun jewelry, so she is ALWAYS entertained.

Oh, wanna see her cute parents?

My younger brother, Dan and his gorgeous wife, Kip!
{Both wearing kelly green...umm you are pretty much screaming
"Feature me on SSC"!}

My almost 1 yr old Turner, with his
Uncle Dan...who refers to him as Mr.Snuggles.

Finally, a family pic worth sharing!
{Thanks, Daddy!}

I am a blessed woman,
2 cuties pies.....
1 amazing man....
A bunch of family I just love to pieces!



lhoffman said...

Oh Suzanne-what adorable photos! Love the family pic and Tatum's dress is gorgeous! You look great as usual! Glad you had a great Easter!

Amy said...

Great family photo!! It was a lovely Easter, wasn't it?!

Beth said...

Love the family pic! Looks like you all had a wonderful time :) Enjoy this gorgeous weather and have a great week Suzanne!


Great shared blessing from my son and his family in MN... I love and miss all of you so much..... I am so happy your Easter Festivities were memories that will treasured in your hearts for ever.

Tamara Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun Easter! Love the bunny ears, super cute:-)

Molly said...

That family picture is PERFECT! So hard to get one with kids...its a framer!

Nancy said...

Adorable...can't wait to see you this week. You all look great in your Easter attire...xo.

Iva said...

you have a beautiful family! I have two little ones as well...but in the opposite order of you...boy first (3) and girl (12 months) second ;) Glad you had an enjoyable weekend with your family!

Beth said...

I love the new blog layout! It looks fantastic!!!