Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Casanova a la Branmuffin

So, in just a few days, I will be sitting at the airport, ready to
board a plane to Florida with Branmuffin.

There will be no kids.
Just the two of us.
Sans kiddos.
Okay, you get the point. Ummmm, I am beyond excited.

And, I really can't decide which part of the trip am I looking the most forward to!

Hmmm...Branmuffin has agreed to get me morning coffee,
everyday...yep, that's right.  He will go, get out
of bed and fetch it, or we will go have coffee together, and I plan on
enjoying every warm sip...no coffee getting cold on me, for once!

Then, we want to soak up some sun and get a little bronzed.
Cuz, I think tan fat is better than white fat.
I'm just being honest.  I feel better and skinnier when I am tan,
don't you???

A wedding to attend, in which I will take my time getting ready with no
kids climbing all over me, whining and making it impossible to apply eyeliner.

Oh, and Brandon has promised to BRING DA' ROMANCE...he is going
to be a Casanova ladies!  I'm talkin..doin' the little things guys used to do before you
were married with children.  And when I return, I will bring you details....not the
intimate ones, of course, but details on how he romanced me.
No pressure, Brandon.

And this is where we get to my tip of the day!
I don't have a "tip of the day", but that just sounded good, like this is the place
to get your daily tips?#$&*! Whatevs.....

When Brandon and I started dating we bought the book, "All About Us".
It is a great way to get to know the person you are in love with.
It is simply a book of questions....from anything to everything.
And you fill out your answer and his answer to all sorts of questions.
A great way to get guys talking...cuz I don't know about your Man, but mine doesn't
just sit there and spill his feelings on rainbows and what makes him feel special.
I am thinking I will bring this book along, to get us talking and
learning about each other again.

Fun huh?
As far as other books go, do you have any recommendations?

I need a good beach/pool read.

Nothing heavy or depressing....
I want something smutty or girlfriendy and light.
Hmmmm...comments? Suggestions?


Kim said...

OMG I am SO excited for you guys!!! Everyone needs a get-away with just the hubs!!! Enjoy every last minute of it... especially in the am - when you don't have to change the morning diaper and get breakfast ready, oh and especially lunch when you dont have to eat at 11:30am - oh! and between the hours of 1-3pm when you don't have to be home for a nap!!! You get the idea! luv to you both!

bcartmil said...

Suzanne’s idea and definition of Casanova are much different than mine. So it should be interesting what she comes back with. :) It will be fun no matter what though.

Heather said...

Just found your blog and love it!! You are gorgeous and you have a beautiful family! I'm following along now and can't wait to read more!

chevysmith said...

I posed the same "beach read" question before our last trip to the beach. Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner was suggested and I really liked it. Have a great trip!!

Molly said...

that is awesome! have a blast!

tan fat is WAY better than white fat. i've been fakin...(slap me now) because lordy, gotta fake it till i make it, right?

good book tip! i love chelsea handlers books. and tori spelling. complete mind wasters. :)

Nick & Rebecca said...

The Five Languages of Love-by Gary Chapman, something more or less to read perhaps after this lovely getaway, but it puts a really wonderful perspective in your heart about your spouse and how they understand your intentions best. Have fun you two!


Have a relaxing time in FL.... No stress just time for two of my favorite people in my life. See the two of you soon...