Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bead-A-Full you like bling?

I'm all about the Bling.
Bling makes me feel good.
Cuz, Bling sparkles.
And then, I feel like I sparkle.

Doesn't even matter what color of Bling, as long as it sparkles, and
catches the light, I love to Bling.

I especially like this blue Bling, probably because it looks clean,
and reminds me of turquoise water.

Okay, okay, I'm awake now...awake from my bling dream.

Am I alone?
Don't you feel better with some lip gloss and some sparkle on your body?

Sometimes, I wear no make-up and
comfy clothes...but I NEVER am without my bling.

Now that can be any kind of bling...a wedding ring, a right-hand ring, or
just some sparkly studs in your about a blingy bracelet?

So, it's Bead-A-Full Thursday, and that means
I talk about Silverado Jewelry and give some away.

Here's the rules:

Leave me a comment, comment on what YOU wear that has bling,
 or what you dream of having that has more BLING!
Again, it can be anything....
Then, you are entered to win....
this bead....

Yes, I have lost my head and am giving away another fav!

The black, ladybug, bling, bead!

Leave me a comment and you are entered, enter every week, even if you have already won.
I am so easy with these give-aways!

Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook, cuz
my sponsors want that too!

Toodles and Bling!
{After 3 Thursdays, I pull a winner!}


lhoffman said...

My favorite bling that I never take off, of course, are my wedding/engagement rings, my eternity ring, and two necklaces (my infinity pearl and diamond necklace from Eric and my Mother's necklace from my best friend that I received for my 40th...) Then, there's my Silverado bracelet that I now have- that goes on when I leave the house. LOVE IT!


Bling is my daughter-inlaws favorite word..... I love bling too. I would love to start my bling Silverado bracelet... Soon it will be happening so I can bling it out in Washington State where no one has one..... Well at least in Ellensburg.

Juliet Mock said...

Wedding ring, birthstone ring, medical ID bracelet (sad, I know) and whatever necklace matches my attire. I have constant bling in my ears three on one side, 5 on the other. :)

Cozy knits for you said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for the blogfrog BFF

cupcakefairy said...

Blings are great... I totally love blings, can't live without it!

Jenny said...

Everyone is definitely saying their wedding rings...and so will I. It is very husband has good taste! That bug bling is so cute! I love it.

Following you from the mom loop!

Michelle said...

Hey, you're a SITS girl too! Love the blog, and yes, I LOVE shiny objects. I could be wearing my tattiest comfy clothes for cleaning the house and you'll still find something sparkly on me. :)

Alissa said...

I'm in need of a little bling. Some sparkle always shines up my day!!! The ladybug bead is super cute. Gotta love Silverado.