Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday...Talk to me!

So, I can hardly contain myself!

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday with Silverado Jewelry....
I have an announcement to make to all you lovelies.
But first, FEAST your eyes on this....

This is the silver, white, bling, ball.
A perfect staple to any bracelet...but even more perfect for
"Wedding Season".
The wedding season is upon us already, isn't it?

Brandon and I have a special one to attend in May.
{More on that later, woo-hoo!}

Do you have alot of weddings this spring/summer?
I'm thinkin' this would be the perfect gift for bridesmaids.
You could buy your gals a bracelet and add this white bling ball.


If you are going to be a groom, you could get the "Lover" bead. 
All sterling silver, of course.
I mean...ANY guy could buy their gal the "Lover" bead, if he knew what was good for him!

Here is the big announcement....
I picked my next give-away bead, and it was tough, there is sooo much
to choose from!  I mean, silver, murano glass, and bling!
And my sponsor hooks me up!

Here it is:

And let me tell you this one is beau-ti-ful!
The picture does NOT do it justice.
I wanna keep it for myself, but you all are my lovelies, so I will
share this $43 value with YOU!

Can you take it?

What other blog does a give-away like this????

So, here are the deets...follow along closely.

Leave me a comment here.
Tell me of any upcoming weddings you have to attend this "season"....
if you don't have any, tell me what you like about going to weddings!

I will take last weeks comments, this weeks and one more Thursday comments...
then I pull one name and give it away on the following Friday.

This is how it has been done:

to buy:

and to find a store near you:

So, go become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on facebook.

Shiny, sparkly, jewelry.....


lhoffman said...

I just LOVE weddings! Now that I reached the big 4-0 that season has slowed a bit for us, but we have an incredibly special one to attend in October. My younger brother, Scott, will be getting married in Owatonna to his fiance, Cheri, and we couldn't be more thrilled! She's already part of the family and fits right in! Eric and I feel especially honored as we'll be sharing a wedding date with them. On October 9, as we watch them begin their life together, we will be celebrating our 6th anniversary.

Tember said...

There is nothing like a wedding to renew the feelings I have for my husband. We both sit enchanted and realize that we had NO CLUE what we were getting into and are so blessed that God decided to work in us and and in spite of us to become who each other needs. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that! We have just one wedding on the docket this summer and it happens to be 5 days after I'm due with our baby girl. Not sure if we'll make it but I bought the cutest little dress just in case!

Alissa said...

Girrrrl, you know I'm a sucker for weddings. I can't wait to read the other comments from your followers. We actually have 2 weddings that we are attending this year. My friend Annika will be married on May 1 and will walk down the aisle with a bouquet of tulips - her main reason for wanting a spring wedding.

And, my "little" brother-in-law Andrew will marry Ashley on July 31 in Saint Paul. Their ceremony will be held at the Church of Saint Louis King of France (also known as the Little French Church). This church was very special to Chris and Andrew's dad Steve as he attended Mass almost on a daily basis here. I can't think of a better place for them to seal their commitment to one another. I know Steve's presence will strongly be felt that day.


***BLING ME***
I could use some sparkley bling in my life... I want to feel the shine. :)
I have one special wedding to go to in August. MY best girlfriend Cheryl's daughter is getting married. Her mom and I were roomise with our children after our divorices back in the day. I I am known as Momma Betty to her girls and she is Momma Cheryl to my kiddos.

Beth said...

I think we are out of the wedding "season" until my cousins start getting hitched. We are however in serious "baby season" between friends and family. I will have to do some beads as gifts for all of these births...that's a great gift idea Suzanne.

jaime said...

Hi Suzanne, it is Jenny's cousin Jaime here and I have to say that this bead reminds me so much of my auntie Barbara(BJ)!! It's beautiful!

Nancy said...

My friend Ginger had a destination wedding in Mexico and it was amazing, only 30-35 people were in attendance and we had an amazing week!!

jaime said...

Oh hey, Jen's cousin Jaime here again. I forgot to mention the weddings... I am living in Utah and not many or any of my friends live here (I'm not invited to many out here) so the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of weddings was mine!! It was the best day ever, everything perfect and I wouldn't change a thing!!