Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Patty Cake and Patti Stanger?

Today, I met my sisters-in-law at Yum!
Again, for you Minnesotans, this is a must-go-to.
The food is so good, and they always change up their menu, which
is a good thing, cuz everything is good!

Check out their menu at:

And they have something called Patty a piece, it's worth it!
It's chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and you cannot stop sticking a fork into it's goodness.
I want to describe how moist the cake is, but that is another word, I CANNOT stand.
Just say it over and me back to this.

And I have another Patti, I like....

I'm kind of a sucker for this woman, Patti from "Millionaire Matchmaker".
She really knows her stuff about men/women/love connections.
I love her show.
She tends to go on rants every once and awhile, but she
is almost always right with her hunches.  Seriously, if I were single, I would own her book.

Gosh, when am I gonna get a HUGE hookup from all my self-induced endorsements?
Then I could just lay on my couch all day watching Millonaire Matchmaker and eat free Patty Cake!



Bambina Babe said...

yum! :) i like both of those things...

Kim said...

omg, i so love patti! love how she puts those idiot rich guys in their place, recommends tanning, and tells them not to expect sex on the first date!