Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What happens in Vegas...doesn't ALWAYS stay in Vegas!!

So April 15, TAX day is a day dreaded by most, but for me...
it is the day my future changed.
It is the anniversary of the day I met Brandon, aka Branmuffin, the Hubs.

So, if you are wanting a sappy lovepost with personal pictures, keep reading.
If not, hit this blog up another time.

5 years ago, on April 15, 2005, I met the man I was to marry.

I met him in Las Vegas, know, Sin City.

I met him, here....

PURE nightclub in Las Vegas.
{At the time, the #1 nightclub in the world,
in Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino.}
Not really the place I am looking forward to telling my daughter about,
 when she decides she has met the "man of her dreams"....
and not a place one usually goes to meet their HUSBAND.

A lil' background on me:
I was in my early 30's, single, and most of my friends were starting to settle down.
I hadn't met someone I wanted to marry.
I did my research on meeting that special someone,
{a book with a huge diamond ring pic on the front cover, titled.."How to get married in a year or less"}
and one of the tips get out and TRAVEL. 

So, off I went, on several trips. 
One of them being, Las Vegas with two, great friends....Muffy and Nancy.

{Here we are in front of the Bellagio, where we stayed, and where I will always stay in Vegas.}

The second night we were there, we were off to da' club to have fun.
Oh, wanna see how hot I looked when I went out 5 years ago,
 the actual night I met him?

Eww..but I thought I was "the stuff" that night.

After a trip to the ladies room, I walked by a MAN, a HOT MAN,
who caught my eye.  Our eyes were drawn to each other.
He hit on me, he introduced me to friends, I lost both of my friends.
 Sparks were flying and the conversation was magical.

Branmuffin's background:
He was and still is, 5 years younger than me.  He's from Washington state, and moved
to Vegas a month before us meeting.  He was at a bachelor party that night. His first time, on the Strip, or so he said.  He didn't plan on marrying for at least 5 years, at least, that was his thinking/goal.

I did NOT think I met my husband that night.  There was a spark, and an attraction,
but I was at a CLUB, in Las Vegas, on vacation.

After drinks and conversation, we walked back to the Bellagio. 
He told me personal things that got me choked up. 
I was choked up because everything was so easy with us,
he was/still is such a good listener,
he told me things that made me realize that what I wanted really did
exist.  And these "things" were things, I always wanted in a husband.

The next day we met up after dinner and spent the night walking around, laughing, holding hands,
and smoochin'!  He tells me now he knew the first night we met...he would've married me.
After that second night, I knew I could marry him.

Here we are in the Bellagio about 5 am.

And, does this girl look like she is in love???

Yep, in love with him... my humble opinion...all cliches are true.

It happens when you least expect it.
When you know, you know.

What was next?

6 months later, my company moved me to Las Vegas.
2 months after that, we got engaged.

7 months after that, we married in Minnesota.

And now....

the love story continues in Minnesota,
 with two babies who bless our lives every, single, day.

So don't believe,
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

All because two people fell in love.


ernietimmers said...

When a dad reads this, he cries. I had been praying for my little girl for thirty some years for her to find someone to love her as much I do and almost as much as God loves her. I now thank God for that little family each day and know that He has even bigger plans for them than this old romantic in Newport, Minnesota. 2 Tim 1:7

Leah said...

Love that story Suzanne! Isn't it amazing how God knits together the story of our lives?! He's always had a plan for you and Brandon. How wonderful to watch your lives unfold together!

Beth said...

I just got chills and teary eyed :) What a beautiful story Suzanne and I agree, you 2 were made for each other! I love you guys and miss you. Dave and I were just saying how we miss the "sleep overs" and all of the laughs with the Cartmills.

lhoffman said...

So awesome! Isn't it so true? It is "easy" when you meet the right one, and you do know it. Happy 5 year anniversary of the day you met! I remember you moving down to Vegas- (and selfishly, have to say so glad you, and your Branmuffin and the kiddos as back in Minnesota!)... amazing how things change so quickly when that right one walks into your life! SO happy for you... hugs!

bcartmil said...

Suzanne I can remember the day like it was just yesterday. I'm so blessed to have you as my wife. 143!

kipvv said...

LOVE that one! And love the pictures!
Oh, and we are SO hitting the Bellagio in about 3 - 4 months!


Ernie I cried too. I tell many people the romantic storie of our children. You, Mary and myself are so blessed to have such gifts (Brandon, Suzanne, Tatum, and Turner) from God.
Brandon use to ask, what does love feel like mom. I would always tell him he would know when it would happen.
I remember the Sunday Brandon call me and said, "Mom, I am in love". I said "WHAT" are you sick? He was hit by the I know what love feel like. This is my son who said he would never marry until his 30's. Now he is married with 2 kiddos in his early 30's.
LOVE YOU Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Cartmill

Holmfamily said...

that is two are adorable!

Mama Orser said...

That was divine! I loooove a good LOVE story. You made me all fuzzy and!!

You two are something else, what a bunch of hotties!!


Harper-Anderson Family said...

Hormones? Beautiful love story? I don't know which. But it made me teary!

Alissa said...

I always knew that you would have an amazing story to share one day. I'm just glad that you finally wrote it out and shared it with everyone. I enjoyed the pics of you guys too - amazing!

Bambina Babe said...

that's the cutest story! i almost started crying, and i've heard it already! :)

and you made a VERY beautiful bride!!!

Juliet Mock said...

So awesome! Branmuffin looked quit young in Vegas! You looked georgeous on your wedding day!

Summer said...

Awwww, Suzanne, I loved reading this. How amazing that you guys found each other in a club. =) I just love both of you, and this story makes it that much better.

Amy said...

Suzanne! That is such a fabulous story! WOW, when you met, sparks flew! Everything did! You two have done so much in 5 years! You make my head spin! Those are the cutest pictures and you do have love written all over your face in that picture! God will provide if you trust him! All things in God's time, not ours. I experienced something like that with Dale :)

Nancy said...

I was there with Suzanne for the weekend and it was an amazing weekend...I will never forget that day at PF Changs in Vegas..."you can always move to Vegas, Minnesota isn't going anywhere"...some of the best advice I ever given I love both of you so much and you are so great together. XO Nancy D.