Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You be Dr.Phil ...I NEED HELP!

Dr.Phil:  What seems to be the problem, Suzanne?

Me: IgotTatumabiggirlbedandsheisdrivingmecrazyshegetsoutofitnonstop

Dr.Phil:  Take a deep breath.  Have you read any parenting books on this here issue?

Me: (Inhale....Exhale) No, I have read books on how to get your kids to sleep well, but this is a new problem for me.

Dr.Phil:  Well, Suzanne, you cain't change thangs by doin' over an over what isn't workin. 

Me:  But, Dr.Phil, don't you have the answer for me?  Can't you help me with keeping her in her "Big Girl Bed"?

Dr. Phil: Uh....................

This is where You come in.

Please send me your comments, help a sista out!  I will repay you with good-bargain advice,
things that I find to be So Stinkin' Cute, funny stories/videos on my kiddos and the Hubs,
pretty jewelry, and tons of props to what ends up working.

Please be here for me, I'm in the fetal position, and Branmuffin wants to build a
padded room for me in our home.

Goin' Crazy, Have You Been Here Before??


Amy said...

Yes, all too well. I think this might warrant a phone conversation as I have tried several different things and some worked on one and not the other and then, well, give me a call. Do you have my phone number?

emilia. said...

Oh I'm sorry.. I guess life never slows down. I just came across you blog and I have to say it's SO cute. :)


Branmuffin would not stay in his bed either. I put a thingmajig on the inside of the bedroom door, put all breakables up high so he would not hurt himself and let him cry. It worked after a few nights. Hmmmmm I hope he is not still a emotional boy when he goes to bed at night!!!

Nancy said...

Not a clue...put her back in the crib? Maybe she isn't ready or feeling secure in a "big girl bed" or maybe taking it away would "make her ready" to stay in bed. My parents always used the "take something away from them" philsophy and it worked not sure if that works these days. That is probably parenting mistake "101" hence the reason I'm not a parent :-). Sorry, I can't be more helpful.

Kim said...

put books, lovies, and a night light-toy thingie (NOT something to plug in - know what i mean?) in her room and nothing else! then put a baby gate at the door and try to ignore her pleas to get out! she'll either sleep on the floor, or in her new bed, and eventually decide her bed is a better option! Does she have fun new sheets/blankets on her new bed??? Love ya, Suz! T is a smart girl! She'll figure it out : ).