Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Survival Must Haves!

It's dark, dry, and cold in Minnesota in January. Sounds fun huh? Most of the time we are stuck inside or rushing to get inside when we do brave the elements and go out. Here is my list of things you must have to survive the elements both mentally and physically.......

Gotta have this one, it will last almost a year (a little goes a long way) unless you have a little girl like my Tatum who always wants some when I put it on!
Same idea, just keeps your lips kissable and makes it almost impossible for them to chap!

My friend, Alissa turned me on to this coffee...we love it in our house, and when you get up and its still dark as night you have to brew a pot! (Oh, I will tell you about my coffee pot later...)
And lastly....Mops, a group that has saved my life and given me sanity in the world of being a Mom. I joined a couple last year when I only had one child. I had the privledge of being a leader. Now, I just attend one group at our new church. Good food, girl time and lots of tips for life....and we're not just talking Mom on husbands, prayer, organization, and being a woman. I have met such great Christian women who have become such a support to my life. If you can, recommend it to any new Mom out makes you feel normal. Normal is good.
So, stay warm, we only have a few months to go right???


Summer said...

Once Tay starts Kindergarten, I'm going to get back into MOPS. I miss it.

Lynn Hoffman said...

I lOVE that Aveda hand cream... it rocks! As for the Dunkin Donuts coffee, I'm going to take a leap here! I was at Target tonight and grabbing for my normal "Folgers" when I remembered your suggestion and grabbed that instead! Anxious to see what it does to my normal morning routine!