Monday, January 18, 2010


“Cheerful Bringer of Joy”…is what the name Tatum means, and her name couldn’t be more fitting. These two pics were taken this summer when her GiGi came to visit. Could she be any more ‘Stinkin’ Cute’ in that bathing suit? Can you tell she doesn’t care about food? 6 pack abs and legs for miles, I am so jealous!

This little girl has changed my life and rocked my world! Of course, marriage and kids will do that to you, but this one born September 14, 2007…my Tatum Belou is now over 2 years old! Everyday she reminds me how big she is. She can crack me up, make me cry, and drive me crazy all in one day. She also likes to talk non-stop and ask me the same question, over and over and over and over.

This pic was this weekend. She loves it when I do her hair and when we have girl time, just Tatum and Mommy. She is smart, and cute. I always hear she has her mom’s personality, I like that compliment the most, of course. There truly is nothing better than having a little girl, sure they are sassy and full of drama, but let’s face it…she dresses cuter than her Mom any day!

So Tatum, I love you, I can’t believe God gave you to me. But, knowing Him, I can! You are perfect and I will raise you to be confident, kind to others, and know what is important in life. I will shower you with kisses and tell you everyday how smart and how beautiful you are!!

For today, can you keep the whining to a minimum and take a 3 hour nap though? Thanks A LOT!


Betty said...

Tatum your GG loves you so much. I am so blessed that God gave you to your mommy and daddy. Thank you Suzanne for raising Tatum to be the women that you are.

Betty said...

P.S. Tatum GG had fun with you on your 2nd Birthday at the beach.. We played in the water and sand. Great memories were made.

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