Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Make Out With an Avatard

First things first, don't judge me and send me nasty comments (who am I kidding? only Summer comments on my blog) on my post title and use of the word "Avatard".  It is the official name for someone who is a freak/obsessed about the movie "Avatar".  Second of all, not only do I 'make out' with an Avatard, but I am married to one.

Branmuffin and I sat down on our couch last night to watch "Avatar" the movie.  He has seen it twice in the theatre, IMAX, mind you, 3D w/glasses of course.  He insisted we position the couch just perfectly, and dim the lights appropriately.  Then, he poured me a glass of wine and made me cover my eyes until he presented me with my own Jake Sully action figure!! 

Can you say "FREAK"?  OMG, I cannot believe him.  What a nerd/dork/science geek!  So, I am all hoping I will like this movie, since it is the highest grossing film of all time now.  I mean it was featured on Oprah last week and she raved, and you know what happens when Oprah raves.

I fell asleep.  I didn't understand it.  I couldn't get into it at all.  I mean, he told me there was even a "love scene" between 2 of the blue people.  Boring.  Over it, now I just wish he would get over it.  I hope I don't find blue paint somewhere in the house.  There are people (Avatards) out there who actually paint themselves and make videos on the internet...again, Freaks. many of you are wondering how in the heck am I watching Avatar in my very own home?  It's illegal, I can't give alot of details, but I have a copy of the movie.  Are you jeal?  Do you wanna see it too?  I am gonna run my own Netflix and call it Suzflix.  If you want to rent it, it's $10 a night and if you want me to deliver it, you have to meet me in an undisclosed location with a skinny latte (I prefer Starbucks to Caribou, K?) for my troubles.  (I'll be in a tan minivan.)  Contact me, maybe that will get me some comments.

Okay, I hear you people like the video I posted, so here is one of Turner again.  Apparently, likes to 'Make Out' with our dog, Lucy.  Enjoy..... (This is disgusting, but if you have a small dog, you understand).


Anonymous said...
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Momma Betty comments on your blog only when it will let me. An for your Avatard has never been such a nerd he must be taking lessons from his youngest brother...


P.S. Kellon said he is a nerd for buying you an action figure. We both were laughing tonight about your post.