Monday, January 25, 2010

SAG Happens...

The Screen Actor's Guild Awards (SAG) were this past weekend. 
That's a news flash for me, I wasn't under a rock, I was at the Westin.
I totally forgot, didn't see one second of em',
were they even televised?

Yeah, so I was relaxing, girl-talking, guacamole-eating, Heavenly Bed-sleeping,
missing my kids

and smelling this....

It's their signature White Tea scent, that is sooooo clean and sooooo spa-ish, and nice.

The coolest part is you can buy a Scent System, that they use in all Westin hotels,
it plugs in and smells up to 1,500 square feet, only $139!

You would think I worked there or they are sending me bags full of money for promoting this product,
but I just want's going on my list.

You gotta run out, {bring your nose} and smell this stuff.

Back to the SAGs, I didn't see them, but here is my personal red carpet.

My first fav, Christina Applegate....almost princess-like, agree?

My second, is again, Kate Hudson..I didn't see the front, but loved the back...
Again, my Mom won't appreciate the lack of modesty, but I love it. 

And lastly,

Drum-roll please!

This is Lea Michele {don't even know her, but she's in Glee}.
Who cares who she is?

Can you take that dress????  Sooo glam/gorg, I can't take it!

I am a freak for kelly green, so this is all me. 

I would sell everything in my closet for it's replacement in kelly green,
I am sure you have noticed by my blog.

Okay, my kids want dinner, so I have to leave this fantasy.

Til next time..

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