Thursday, January 7, 2010

Y Not?

Yep, this fam joined the YMCA in 2010! We thought it would be a good idea to get in shape and have more things to do on the weekend, then we toured the place and realized what 2 hours of childcare (every time you get yourself there) could do for your MIND!!
My plan was to do BodyPump 3 times a week and whatever my heart desired on the other days this class isn't offered. As you can imagine, 6 days into the new year, my expectations are already tempered. Turner has been sick with the flu, and with it being January and all, we have had a bit of a cold spell....yah know, an avg of 5 degrees below zero...ummm kids aren't too fun to take out into that.
But, Wednesday it happened....I made it to BodyPump...the music was pumping and I was there with a couple of gals that I usually 'playdate' with. We had pagers on our hips from the childcare center and determination to get through this class. Whew! It was tough, yet invigorating....bottom line is...I am hooked!
I decided that I needed to do this if I was to fulfill my goal, my goal of looking like Alexis, the newest member on the show "Housewives of Orange County". We have so much in common...she stays home, has 2 nannies, and her spare time is filled with working out, tanning, lunching with the other housewives of OC and various beauty treatments.
Check her out...

I wonder if she has a hard time doing the stairs in her home after working out? I wonder if she gets paged becuz her kid can't stand all the noise of the other screaming babies at her workout facility? I wonder if it hurts her thighs to take a seat on the potty after HER BodyPump class? And lastly, I wonder if she would go workout without a stitch of makeup and workout clothes from Target? Doubt it.
But I do know she doesn't have what I have....a little girl who will finally snuggle with me on a cold winter morning for almost an hour while her brother naps. (I never thought that would happen, she likes to move, folks!) And the joy of watching my son ham it up with 'Melissa', who checked us out at Sam's this morning while we purchased diapers, formula, and chicken boobs. She also probably doesn't have to change the latest blow-out Turner presented me with! You can't have it all folks!

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Summer said...

I was JUST watching the OC housewives....and woah mama. That girl...mmmm mmmm. She is one interesting lady. lol

I love how when their kids cry, they just hand them to one of the "staff." Lovely.