Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I worked out yesterday. This is big for me. Tatum had school (more on that later), so Turner and I headed to da' club. I went to a Resist-A-Ball conditioning class, and then I walked the track. You guys are probably thinking, “Big deal, who cares”. This is a big deal for me! I don’t like to workout. Before joining this gym I haven’t worked out in 10 years...except for walking. But now that someone will watch my kids, its incentive for me to go. I swear, after I drop them at the childcare I hear the George Michael song “Freedom” blasting in my head.
So, I am in the class, the music is great, I can do almost all of it. I really like the instructor, she has a body that makes me not feel inadequate. You know, you can tell she works out, but I don’t feel intimidated. She starts yelling at us, over the music, with veins popping out of her head. “Come on ladies, show me what you’ve got, you came here to work, did you think this would be easy? Push it, lift harder, watch your form!! I want to see you struggle!!!” I wanted to put my hand up meekly, scrunch my face and say “ummmm, I just came here to get away from my kids”.

Why was she yelling at me?

Then it hit me… I liked it, it motivated me, and made me want to keep going. I could do this for hours.

For the past 2 years, I have been yelling at someone. No one has been yelling at me!

It goes like this:

“Stop it! Take that down! Do NOT touch that! Do you need to go to your naughty stool? Use your words! No, you cannot have another wipe! You will stay in your crib until you stop screaming!!”

So, I learned two things yesterday…

1. I like to get yelled at.

2. When I have an Ipod on and I hear a Lady Gaga song, I could care less how much my butt jiggles when I walk, I am a woman on a mission, having “alone time”.

Just so you don’t think I am a crap Mom and only care about getting away from my kids, here is a pic of Taterbug before school. She goes on Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 2 pm at a local church. She is a Red Rabbit. It gives me a break and her, a chance to talk to someone her age. She loves it, so does her Mom.


Summer said...

I'm right there with you girl. LOVE when I get to drop off the kids...and working out....mmmm....sometimes. =)

Kim said...

Ok - I love your blog!!! That is exactly how i feel at da'gym too! My fav class is boxing... who knew i would LOVE punching a bag until my knuckles bled? Also, the feeling of feeling my lungs do something other than yelling at my kids is a good thing. so what if i gasp for breath after running for 10 min at 4.5 mph??? i'm running, aren't I??? Love you Suz!

Kim said...

So exactly how i feel once i drop off the kiddos at the gym! My fav class is boxing - who knew i would LOVE punching a bag until my knuckles bled? And yes, it is such a great feeling to feel your lungs burn from something other than yelling... even if it is only from running 10 min at 4.8 mph!

Betty said...

I love your Blog!!! I laugh, smile, and giggle. It also make me think about joining the gym or doing my Wii Fit. Maybe in a couple of weeks. My yelling days at the kids are over... I guess it time to get my lungs back into shape at the gym.