Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Verado!}

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday, 
and just when you think it can't get any does.
Silverado Jewelry USA is adding the line, Verado Jewelry USA.

Here's a sneak peak at the line...


and some bling too!

Soon, you will be able to buy these beads
and clip them onto your own bracelet...

See how they clip?
Maybe, even add them to a long chain...mmmm, I like it!
I need a long chain...especially to add some glam to a t-shirt or a sweater.

More on Verado to come, 
but if you have a hankering to look for more, 

Hopefully, my sponsor will get me some Verado to give to you cutie-pies!

Here is the next giveaway bead:

I've never given away a sterling silver bead before.
I thought, with this time of year, all of the flowers are blooming,
so why not a flower bead?
Here's the rules:
Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become's easy.  
Comment on if you have a charm bracelet or not.  
I never got one as a little girl, but I always enjoyed my Mom's!

Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook.

I total  today's comments and the next two Thursday's comments 
and  pick a winner that Friday....super simple, 
enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
and I want YOU to win!



lhoffman said...

Hmmm Not sure I love the Verado- was thinking it was necklaces (which they may have)- but not loving the clip on style. Think I'll stick to Silverado ;) Happy Thursday!

Alissa said...

For Christmas I received a Pandora bracelet from my parents. I'm so excited that the Silverado beads will fit because I love the bling and many more that Silverado offers. Back in the day I had those Best Friend charm necklaces. You know, you wear one half and your BF wears the other side. So ugly!

Kim said...

I like the give-away bead! simple and pretty : ). I don't have a charm bracelet, but hope to start a silverado one soon! my 4-yr old daughter has a beautiful charm bracelet. a special friend of mine gave her one when she was born and has given her a sweet little charm for birthdays, when her brother was born, and christmas. love that!


I have several charm bracelets that I have been given diffrent charms throughout my life. I also have my mom's bracelet. There are very sentimental to me. As Suzanne would say I am a very sentimental person and now she knows where Brandon gets it.
But my Silverado bracelet is my all time favorite. It was a Mothers Day gift that I wear every day and get many compliments on here in WA...

Bambina Babe said...

Oooh, I'm so glad there's a line of charms! I have a Tiffany's my hubby got me for my birthday when we were engaged...and I would just love to add another charm or two! Nice!

Anonymous said...

I dont have a charm bracelet yet! But I will soon (wink wink) Love you all and my Scooter told me that he is bringing my Turner home in September!! Im so excited with Tater Bug and My beautiful sis in law were coming with :( Hey maybe Ill win the Loto and I can fly you all out here on a private jet so that we can all be here when we do the special thing up at the lake (note to my dad up in Heaven since you never won the lotto let us win :) he always said someone in his family would win and it better be him LOL ) Love and miss all of you and TATERBUG PICK AUNTIE!!!

Colleen said...

Pretty! I don't have a charm bracelet. I'm mostly just commenting to tell you there's an award for you on my blog. :)

Amy said...

I had a charm bracelet growing up, but somehow I didn't have more than 6 charms....I hope to have a snazzy Silverado one though!! I love their beads and bracelets!