Monday, June 28, 2010

Sneaky Peek!!

Okay, okay, I will give in and give you a peek into my decor project.
This truly is a dream for me to work on, 
I enlisted my Mom's 'eye' for color and scale
and we are having a blast shopping on someone elses' credit card.
It's hard though too, cuz it is about an hour drive from my home.
My client is a friend, whom I want to make happy, 
I don't have to necessarily impress her, but I do want her to LOVE it!

The budget is pretty big, an amount that sounds like a lot of money, 
but when you get down to fulfilling a certain look she desires, 
it can be tough at times. 
We are finding the best deals at Scratch n Dent, 
a furniture store in Saint Louis Park, MN, Dock 86,
...and of course, TJMaxx HomeGoods.

We purchased two of these chairs for the living room...

She wanted a shag, long pile rug for the LR,
we ordered one online and when it came it looked like a large wilderbeast in a box,
so we promptly returned it and went with a shorter pile option, much cheaper,
and non-animal like!

Next, we went to Dock 86 in Saint Paul...

We snagged up two of these for bedside tables in the master bedroom,
remember she wants hollywood romantic.
Aren't they divine?

I fell in love with this chair for the 2nd bedroom....

But, my client didn't like it...and they have a 7 day return policy,
so here's a perk....she gave it to me!!!
Thanks girl!

And, another mirrored piece from TJ...

You get the idea....
the best part, well not the best, but some days it is,
she pays for my I get a break from the kiddos.
I truly could not do this job with both of them, literally underfoot!

So, we are getting down to crunch time, and if I am short on
blog posts, I know all of you will be understanding!
I mean, come on, I am an important woman, with things to do!
{At least that is what I tell myself!}

Final pics to come....and don't forget, my secret is coming too!
Happy Monday folks!


Beth, Dan and Sophia said...

Nice budget! What a fun friend to enlist you for this project - I can't wait to see what you come up with. And nice score on that chair - it's super cute.

Kim said...

Love the stuff that you showed! Are you able to get photos of the finished product to build your portfolio?!?! Wish i could see it for real!


I will be glad when this decorating job is over so we can see the finished look and I can talk to my friend again....

Tember said...

You are amazing! Love that you are able to do something you really enjoy and are stellar at it. I'll have to hire you one day when (oh wait...IF) I get rich and famous! Lotsa love!