Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Talk & Eat for fun

It's Monday...and forgive me, I'm tired.
I had a girl's weekend away to a cabin up north.
Me, and 4 other cool chicks.
All of us are moms who needed a break, needed to unwind, 
needed to just be a girl for a bit.

I am the only loser who forgot her camera, 
so I've got nothing to show for the weekend!
Except for an extremely bloated stomach,
and an approximate weight gain of 7 pounds. 
{I wouldn't dare weigh myself, that could only make a Monday worse.}

And, I'm tired cuz all we did was lay around and eat and talk.
Seriously, we started it off at Dairy Queen, 
and stuffed our faces approx every 2 hours, like clockwork.

Everyone brought something for a particular meal of the weekend, 
our best recipes...and in between those scrumptious meals 
we chomped on candy, cookies, bars, and trail mix.

And as far as the talking, I think we covered every subject under the sun.
You name it....we women talked about it....
kids, husbands, food, celebrities, jobs, motherhood, parenting, babies, etc.

So, I think it would be safe to say, we left feeling like this...
The good news is we were somewhat productive!
Besides eating, drinking, and talking, 
we shopped, read magazines, danced and made this....

Yes, a can do it yourself by going here.

And if my girls are reading this...
send me a pic of all of us wearing our necklaces...
I wanna show the rest of the world how cool we are!


Lisa Slotsve Photography said...

so stinkin cute, too bad even with detailed directions I couldn't make something like me crafty challanged

jaime said...

I was checking your blog today and I saw your cute necklaces and it totally inspired me to make barrettes like that for Addi. It was SO fun, I put a few pictures on facebook. Thanks!


Love the necklace you crafty one... I would love a girls weekend like you just had...