Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yo Frizz Head!

This is my naturally curly hair on these 85 degree, hot and humid days.

It's not fun, plus I have roots....
usually I quarantine myself to my house at this stage of the
every 8 weeks, highlighting schedule...but I have antsy kids.

Kids that want to get out of the house!

So I have two solutions:

Go to the air conditioned Mall of America for unlimited rides for 10 bucks!

And apply this to my hair and let it air dry....

I love this stuff and have recommended it to friends with curly hair
that don't like the 80's, crunchy, mall-hair, look.
And, they love it!

I guess I have a third solution, 
I have my hair appointment tonite....and I don't know about you guys,
but once I make that appointment, 
I literally, count.the.minutes.till.I.am.in.the.chair.

Tomorrow I am gonna show you the key to 
keeping your fine jewelry clean and sparkly!
{Beth gave me that idea, she must have known I needed some inspiration.}




I have never seen your hair look that bad Suzanne. For the followers out there Ringlet by Redkin is the best stuff ever. Suzanne has gotten me hooked on the stuff. When I wear my hair curly that is the stuff to use.
Have a great day everyone.

Amy said...

I can't relate to your beautiful, curly hair, but my mostly straight hair that has acquired so some of curl over the last 10 years (yes, pre kiddos and after) starts to bend up, so I can't imagine how naturally curly hair does on a day like today! But that picture is hysterical! Where do you find your pictures?!

dmlaugen said...

We were at MOA today too! I'm so bummed we didn't run into you! We had a Mommy-Daughter lunch at the American Girl Bistro with rides to follow. I didn't know about the unlimited rides for $10 on Tuesdays until I went to buy our tickets. Too bad we didn't get there much earlier. As it was, naptime was calling. Maybe next time.

Nick & Rebecca said...

There is another fab product called Moroccan Oil-completely takes care of frizz on straight or curly hair, debuted at the NYC hair show and my stylist recommends it to all of her clients. I love it and have been using the same tiny bottle now for 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Omg. That's MY hair.

lhoffman said...

OK- so I need to meet you there with Ethan (and the twins) some Tuesday! Would love it and Ethan would LOVE to see Tatum! (And I always love hanging with you!!)