Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm gonna Tattoo My Face!!

Check out them brows!

Or these....

I don't know what you think, but I like a nice, defined brow.
In high school, I had some major brows...
Tatum is gonna have em' too, I can already tell, poor girl.

In college, I had this really chic friend who is now a huge makeup gal in Europe, 
who works on photo shoots, you know, the whole she-bang, 
well she shaped mine for me...and I have been doing it myself ever since.

I thought I would do my first "Vlog" on 
shaping and filling in your eyebrows...a bit of a "how to"!
And someday, when I get the guts, I will get mine tattooed on

That's a bunch of talk, I am scared of how it would look,
...I mean, what if they messed up??

So here you are...
My before pic with make-up on, but no eyebrows!

And the tell-all, how-to video, first ever, VLOG!

And woolah!  My after shot!

See that they are sisters, not twins?

Here is one of many guides out there you can use...

The next time you see a famous person on t.v. or in magazines, 
check out their brows!  If they have a similar shape face as you,
copy them!

{Credit: My adorable husband videotaped and he could probably care less about my eyebrows, 
or anyone else's eyebrows, but he did what he had to do, for the cause. 143 Babers!}



Beth said...

Great job Suzanne! My sister has hers tattooed on and they look AMAZING! When you are ready, let me know and I'll get her name. Have a great day!

Teri said...

Looks great! I use the same items, both from Mac :)


Great brows... Tattoo them, it only hurts a little... Like you tell you kiddos when they get there shots. I am sure Branmuffin would hold your hand and drop a few tears for you... :)

Sarah M said...

You are too cute!

carolinaclover said...

love it!


Love the new look "So Stinkin Cute"
By the way what is the color you are using for your beautiful brows?

lhoffman said...

Beth- Wow. Sounds painful!! Would be interesting, though.... (A few gals that worked at one of the clinics I used to call on in Edina also worked elsewhere where they tatooed eyeliner...

You are the one that taught me about doing brows oh so many years ago. We were on a trip- it was a POA or award trip (think the latter) and was in your room while you were doing your makeup- and you did mine. I'd been clueless and couldn't believe the difference. To this day, any time I do mine I think of you ;) (So I think of you often!) Seriously- it makes such a difference, especially for those of us with dark hair. Obviously getting as close to your natural color would be key- which do you use? I found a product at Ulta last time I was there as my Bobbi Brown wasn't cutting it any more, and I really like it (can't think of the name)... Thanks for saving me!

Nick & Rebecca said...

I love you Suzanne...your skin looks AMAZING. Thanks for the eyebrow VLOG!! <3