Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magazine/TV Catchup

On my girl's weekend, one of the things I got to catch up on
was magazine reading.

I love Rachel Zoe and her taste, 
especially in accessories and jewelry.  
I got the chance to read a huge article on how she pairs her jewelry, 
how she chooses when to wear it, etc.
I had no clue, due to my lack of time to read magazines, 
that she has designed her own line for QVC...that's pretty cool.
Love her...

I also read that these are really "in" right now..

And I am here to proclaim...I will NOT follow this trend.

We talked a ton about our love for the Housewives' shows,
and when I got home I couldn't wait to watch the recorded episode
the Reunion.

So, I watched it, and all I could focus on was the
set's decor...can you take that couch????

How about the huge rug and ottoman?
It makes me excited to keep on working on my decor/design project!
I cannot wait to share it with you...

But, I am not at a sharing point...
too much stuff is not here yet, still need essential pieces, etc.

Another show, I love, and kept bringing up,
was Tori & Dean on the Oxygen channel.  

I love them, mostly again, to see the 
decor and fashion....I am starting to realize
this is the only reason I love reality t.v.....

Here are pics of her kitchen and living room.

She does have a wonky boob job, poor girl
but I love her fashion sense.

They have been married about as long as Branmuffin and me, 
and same time frame on their one boy, one girl!

In the final episode, they reveal their family room re-do...
but, the camera moves so fast, I can't take it all in.

She's got good taste.
Always wears bright colors, has her own jewelry line, 
can you see why I love her?



Alissa said...

Too funny. When I watched the Reunion last week I was struck by the awesome decor too. And I was thinking about how you would really love it.

Nick & Rebecca said...

Um yeah. Those shoes. They remind me of the L.A. Gear sweep in the late 80's. Oh. My.