Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Vegas Style}

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday!

My sponsors~Silverado Jewelry~ for the awesome give-aways I do, are in Las Vegas
at the annual JCK show.....

To be there would be my most, hugest, unbelievable, fantasy in the
ENTIRE universe.  
I can't think of anything greater than being in on a piece of that action!

We are talking, jewelers and jewelry,
of all kinds...from all over the US and various parts of the world!

My goal is to be there next year, 
and that is part of my secret I mentioned awhile back.


Here she is!  This little beaut of a dangle bead can be yours!
Just leave a comment on today's post.
I am drawing a winner from the past 2 Bead-A-Full Thursday posts.
I will pull the winner this coming Friday!
So, if you have commented in the past, or do on this post,
check back to see if you won!

Leave a comment on if you have ever been to Vegas, 
if not, tell me your perception of it...
you know, is it tacky? is it glamorous? 
do you love the Bellagio as much as I do?!

Become a fan of Silverado Jewelry USA on Facebook.

Cannot wait to reveal my secret soon, 
I will give you a tiny hint...if any part of you likes jewelry, you will like my secret!

Toodles, cuz I'm out!


Gwen said...

Been to Las Vegas twice and like the Venetian. You can walk everywhere, the shopping is awesome and a jewlery show???? hmmm I know someone else traveling there right now!!!! Can't wait to hear the great news. Love the jewelry piece my friend!

Nancy said...

Yes, I've been to Vegas many times, at least three times with you
Suz. Love the Bellagio, love the atomsphere for 3 days and then I'm ready to come home. Pinball, my lucky machine at the Nugget.

Amy said...

I have been there 3 times and I love it!! Where else can you "see" little parts of the world and see so many different talented people all in one place. And walking a block in Vegas is a LONG walk!! I love jewelry! One of the most fun things I did in Thailand eas drive 4 hours to a shady place where raw and shaped stones were bought/traded/sold. I hand picked each green sapphire for a pair of earrings for my bridesmaids. lBags and bags of stones were all over and because I was white, people would just throw stones down in front of me like dice. So if your secret is you get to go to the jewelry show, I am jealous!!


I have been to Vegas three times. The strip is okay but hanging out with Suz when she was trying to sale their house, grow a baby and work all at the sametime with "B" working in MN was my favorite time.
Second Place would have to be going to Vegas with my youngest daughter to meet up with "B" while he was on a work trip. Oh my did my two children show me how to party.Way to much fun and recovery in the sun.
P.S. Bead A Full Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

Dawn Crowder said...

Love Vegas...just got back from a stay at the Wynn. Lovely!

Love know why ;-) but I'll skip over the shameless self promotion here!

Kim said...

LOVE Vegas! Love the dancing, love the food, love getting extra dressed up, love the SUN! Love the Silverado bead!!!


I want to go to Vegas next year with you... We can do the jewelery thing, soak up some sun and flash our Silverado bling and party like rock stars. I may be "B's" mom but I can keep up with the rest of you. I need to say something positive with energy so that little Tatum will pick a real winner on Friday.... Looking forward to my morning fix...

lhoffman said...
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lhoffman said...

First of all, don't panic- I deleted the this post and am re-posting since I copied and pasted and it appeared twice....

I LOVE Vegas... hoping to go with my honey (he's never been)- and I know YOU love it, well, for obvious reasons... Sin City is where you met Brando! The first time I was there, I was working at ADC and went to a telecom show to help with the Latin American clients... after, I was there on two award trips with our former employer (the Four Seasons and the Venetian)- the second was on a travel award, took my best friend for a girls' weekend to see Celine Dion and she was cancelled. BUMMER! BUT, she's coming back next March- when her twins are 4 months old. Can't wait to see it! Anybody in?

As for your secret, am so glad I know (ok, I know- not fair) or I'd be dying right now. (I hate secrets- especially when I don't know what they are !!!) Love ya!