Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, when a boy discovers!

I have a tiny obsession...of course I have to share it, 
cuz it is on my long list of things I find to be So Stinkin' Cute.
It's Caldrea products and they offer a lower cost version now at Target.

They have been in stores since April, and 
I have the dish soap and the candle in 
the Herbs of Provence scent shown here....

Go get some, you won't be disappointed!

Turner, my son, is teething.
He isn't happy, I can't blame must hurt, bad.
So, I thought I would take a pic of him sleeping,
cuz he hasn't been doing a lot of sleeping!

Look at my snugly bunny!
So, you all know, with teething comes "teething diapers"
...not fun....
and while changing him today, he went from screaming in pain,
to laughing hysterically because he finally "discovered" his penis.
My friends with boys have asked me if this has happened yet,
and someday Turner will be thrilled his Mom caught it on video!

Toodles, and I'm out..



Uncle Kellon giggled at your video... He must of remembered the day he found his. Hahahahah
Gi Gi loves the sleeping picture, reminds me of when I would check on you when I was visiting.For the video, you are such a daddy's boy. I remember the day!!

lhoffman said...

OMG- so cute