Friday, June 11, 2010

*I wish, I wish upon a star*

I wish:

I could sleep in as late as I did when I was single.
My dog didn't bark at every little thing she hears.
My "No Whining" sign was effective.
I had a diet coke fountain pop machine in my kitchen.
That my morning coffee made itself.
I could take a shower without having to entertain my kids, in the bathroom, while taking it.
I could lay by a pool and enjoy the summer weather, simply to get an even tan.
I didn't have to listen to a kids DVD almost every time I drove my minivan.
I didn't have to fill/wash sippy cups all day long.
I never had to pick up toys.
I got to eat gourmet meals, not prepared my me.
I had a day to 'get it all together'.
Babysitters were free.
Someone else would plan my life for me.
I had a McDonald's ice cream cone machine in my house.
I fit into every designer pair of jeans I ever wanted.
I had my dream kitchen.
I liked to exercise.
When I said 'goodnight' to my daughter she stayed in her bed and fell asleep.
My kids would eat everything I took the time to prepare and cut into bite-size pieces.
I had the time to read magazines, like I used to.
Someone would apply my makeup and do my hair, everyday.
If I dreamed my grocery list, it would appear in my fridge and cupboards.
I knew how others saw me.
My parents lived forever.
Every movie in the theaters could be viewed at home, while they were still in the theater.
Magical "dates" would be a monthly opportunity.
I could learn to play tennis.
My kids would just share their toys.
My house was somehow joined to my friend's houses on long days between the hours of 4 and 6 PM.
Had the time and energy to sell stuff on Craig's List.
Bud Lite Lime was free.
All high heels were comfortable.
Banks wouldn't charge overdraft fees, just to be nice.
My hair gal would make house calls.
I had wash n go, straight hair.
Someone would detail my car.
Red licorice contained no calories.
I could buy everyone their dream home/location.
Minnesota had summer weather all year long.
A pedicure lasted 6 months.
I could re-do my wedding like all of the stars do.
Month-long vacations were a requirement by law.
Lemon, Orange, and Lime trees could exist in my backyard.

But, then my life wouldn't be what it is....would it?
What do you tend to wish for?


Leah said...

I love the fountain diet coke idea! And you don't need to know how others see you, only how God sees you!

lhoffman said...

I think you covered it.... ;)

This Mama Works It! said...

Stopping by from LBS. Love this poem and I can totally relate.

I also love finding adorable things for my kiddos. My blog is about helping savvy moms shop and sell their kids clothes online, specifically ebay.

I am your newest follower!

lhoffman said...

OK... so I totally agree with parents living forever (they will, won't they?), selling things on Craig's list (I'd make a fortune, if I ever get to it), having a day to get it "get it all together", but I could realistically use at least 3), my groceries appearing automatically, having someone every day to do hair/makeup, I'd go for the free Mike's (any flavor, thanks), and wish I could pay for my friends' homes (I often fantasize about winning the lottery and doing all sorts of awesome things for family and friends) and would add a few...

I wish I could snap my fingers and be anywhere, anytime, in an instant; it's a big world out there, and there's still a lot to see; I wish I could stop the clock whenever I wanted to take advantage of a special moment or a burst of productivity; I wish I didn't have to clean floors; I wish I was a morning person; I wish the laundry would magically fold and iron itself; I wish I had a green thumb; I wish I had a garden in my backyard, like those my grandmother had when I was young; I wish gas was free; I wish I was a better cook; I wish they made things like they used to; I wish they'd find a cure to cancer; I wish money was no object; I wish my kids' scrapbooks were up to date (or even started); I wish I wouldn't waste time and energy worrying about things I can't control; I wish my single friends would find what I've found with my husband; I wish I could see Celine Dion in concert any time I wanted; I wish I'd have never lost my brother, Jeremy to SIDS when he was 6 weeks old, and that I had gotten to know him; I wish I could relive my wedding day anytime I wanted...

And finally, I was browsing on etsy, saw something, and thought of us both. Since you're "no whining" sign isn't working, I thought this might be a little encouragement for you.

Love ya!

lhoffman said...

Ok- so not to overstay my welcome, but I just remembered one- the magazines! I can't remember the last book I read (that is until starting "Bringing Jon Home" this week) I was a magazine reader, cause they're quick, easy reading and informational. I have such a stack of my favorites, and I just can't get to them!

Nancy said...

I wish I had time to "Comment" when I feel like it!

I wish I could find a way to tell my friends : )
how much their friendship means!!

love you, and YOU know who you are!


I do not have a wish list but if I did I would wish for a private jet that always had fuel and a hot pilot to take me back and forth from WA to MN so I can spend time with all my children. And for Tatum my jet would have Gi Gi painted on the bottom so she could see when I was coming to town.
I also have a wish to have a huge home so all my children could come and visit at the same time.
Last wish would be for Peace and Happiness for all.

Amy said...

I wish my family could be all ready to go and in the mini van in 2 minutes or less...and then, really...I agree with everything else..except change diet coke to the fully leaded version: Coke :)

Summer said...

I don't know....that kind of life sounds pretty amazing. I'll take it. =)