Monday, June 7, 2010

Do you like your Mother-In-Law?

Just that word, can conjure up a bunch of things in one’s mind.
Mine lives in Washington State, and as you know we reside in Minnesota.
So, I’m good, right?

I googled the word Mother-In-Law and the first picture that comes up is this…


Another that caught my eye was this...
I must say, I got lucky in this department.  I love my Mother-In-Law.  
 And, I love her even more so, since we had kids.   
I now know I am blessed to have her, not just lucky.
I consider her a good friend.

She is known as Betty or Mama Betty or Gigi to everyone who knows her.
She is the mother to 5 kids, and the Gigi to 6 grandchildren, and her job is never done.
She is hard-working and remembers the “baby” days like no one else.  She can tell you the smallest memories of each of her children in a way that makes you want to remember those things about your own.  She finds the joy in my children that only a Nana or a Gigi can. And she does things for my kids that I would never take the time to do.

She recently came to visit.
We spent time with her showing what our daily life consists of and how we have chose to parent our kids.
She embraced it and added advice on what worked for her….never in an overbearing way.

Tatum is getting to the age when she doesn’t forget who someone is when they leave.
And every time we see a “hairplane” she states, “It’s my Gigi coming to see me!”.
We Skype, when we can.  But,  the 2 hour time difference is tough with our schedules and hers.  But, I hope she knows when she visits…she leaves a piece of herself behind in my kid’s memories.

If you don’t love your Mother-In-Law, remember this.
She gave you her son.
And you wouldn’t have your own family without her.
And some day, you will be a Mother-In-Law,
And don’t you want your baby boy’s wife to be grateful for the gift you gave?
I love you, Betty.
Regardless of where you live, a part of you is here, in Minnesota.

Oh, by the way, she is my #1 commenter!


lhoffman said...

I know what you mean. I'm fortunate to love mine as well... don't have those "horror stories" that everyone else seems to offer. My in-laws were retired to Arizona before I met Eric- used to visit before the twins came along.... they come every other Christmas, and 2-3 months in the summer. They're due to arrive on Father's Day for 3 months. We always look forward to having them, and always sad to see them go. Though, it is wonderful now that Ethan (and soon the twins) is old enough to remember them!

Amy said...

I hope to get back to the state you have with your MIL soon. Me and my MIL had a HUGE riff last summer and are trying to recover. It took me by complete surprise! I am so grateful that they made Dale who he is today, but I am trying to heal a very hurt heart :( Yeah for you and MIL Betty!!!

lhoffman said...

P.S. You have perfect timing- was just going to give you a hard time for my not getting my SSC fix today! (I mean, it's one thing for you to take the weekend off, but it's the first thing i usually do in the morning, ESPECIALLY Monday! ;)

Summer said...

Aweeee, I love Betty too. You are definitely lucky to have such a fab ma in law.

=) And husband of course too.

Beth said...

Good for you for loving your Mother-in-law! Lucky Girl!

Kim said...

Got to meet her, and she was sweet!!! such cute pics of Tatum and her Gigi!!! I love my MIL too... she's taught me lots of good stuff - like to sew and to always use cloth napkins!

Amelia said...

Hi Suzanne, Betty has told me about your blog so many times and when she told me she was "featured" I decided it was time to come check it out. You are so right about Betty, she's like the mom I never had...but in a best friend kind of way! I love her to death and think she is the sweetest woman! I also think your blogs are so stinkin cute, oh my gosh the perfect title! I look forward to reading more!


Thank You for sharing me on your blog.... You always make me feel so special.....