Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does Your's Sparkle?

My hair is done, I am a new woman.

The other thing that makes me feel like a new woman 
is a new piece of jewelry...and that can't happen ALL of the time.

But, cleaning my wedding rings or other fine jewelry can
almost be as great as a new piece of jewelry!

When duty calls, I go to
Radiance 2000!

I've never seen it in stores and when I bought it, 
it came in a kit with the cream and a liquid.
I think it sells for $34.95 online, and I have been using the same
lil' tub for over 5 years!

Let me just tell you this stuff is amazing!
The cloth you use when cleaning will turn BLACK from what 
is coming off of your metals...and it cleans all metals...
platinum, white gold, yellow gold, pearls, gems, etc.

I found a tutorial about the product and how it works...
I have been known to clean all of my friend's rings 
when they come if you are ever in the neighborhood, 
I would love to give your ring a shinin'!!

****Toodles and sparkly jewelry****


Alissa said...

I'm so bummed about my car key issue. After reading this morning's post I was really looking forward to getting all shined up again. Shoot! We'll have to reschedule.

lhoffman said...

Alissa- car key issue? Nothing puts the damper on a situation like (assumedly) lost keys- happened to me last week. At Troy Burne Golf Course. Maddening- but happy to say they were found.

Thanks for the info on this... mine needs something desperately- when in Roseville, NOT on a Monday (they're closed)- I try to stop into the jeweler where Eric got my ring- and they buff it at n/c. Hoping to do so tomorrow... but this looks great to have on hand! (That or you'll have to bring it along to our next meeting ;)