Monday, January 31, 2011

Will you accept this rose?

The Bachelor 2011 is getting BORING.
I picked who went home tonight.
The positive, B watches it with me, so we are entertained.
Cuz, winter is so non-entertaining.

They filmed in the summer which makes me wanna go get some
cute sandals and bright colored clothes and 
just chill.  We are getting more snow here, and
frankly, I've had it!

Okay, I'm gonna make this short and sweet, Brad-style.
He kind of is starting to bug me.
He's says the same thing to every.single.girl.
He's so non-original and it's just not real life
for a guy to dial up his therapist.

Tonight's episode was fun, cuz I have lived in Las Vegas.
Every place is new that they showed, that
place changes constantly, so I wasn't surprised.
Brandon and I have watched the races at the racetrack though,
so that was cool to watch.

Ashley S., sad to see you go, I thought you were cuter,
more normal, and had better hair than the other Ashley...but I guess Brad didn't.
I actually felt bad for her...I think she is adorable and I know EXACTLY how 
she felt about love, love sucks hon, it does.'s a tip.

Why were you rocking silly bands?
My three year old daughter wears those.
Just sayin. are adorable, and totally got the shaft because
you didn't get time with the Bachelor.  This is when I would not
be a good contestant and might go postal.
If I were on the show and I didn't get a chance to spend time
with the guy....I would probably freak cuz he wasn't getting
to know the real "ME".

I've got nothing.
I don't know one thing about you.
Handing him some notes was kind of a last ditch effort.
It flopped.

Final thoughts:
Emily will look adorable in her wedding dress to Brad.
However, if I were her I would be worried that Brad might cheat on her
with Michelle.  She definitely knows how to seduce.

What do YOU think?
Am I totally off base?
Is winter getting soooooooo old?

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